– An Imam school will strengthen the theological society, and contribute to the political debate in Norway.

Olav Fykse Tveit wants Muslim's to get their priests eductaed in Islam in Norway.

This is not a statement of the King of Saudi Arabia, or any Arabian Muslim cleric. This statement is given by the Secretary General Olav Fykse Tveit in World Council of Churches (WCC).

Lutheran Priest Fykse Tveit was not giving this statement in an unwanted encounter with Norwegian media. Tveit was addressing the Church Council of the Lutheran state Church of Norway, on their general body meeting.

This is what the head of WCC said:

– Norway will move in the wrong direction, if the government refuse to support an Imam school.  This will be in conflict with having an active policy on religion. In a perspective of integration, it will also be better to let the Imams get their education in Norway, than all of them have to move abroad to get eductaed“, explains Tveit to the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten.

Tveit underlined that the Norwegian system of giving government support to members of faith community, should includes support for educating Imams. The International community look towards Norway in regards to this matter, claimed Tveit.

Source: Norwegian Christian daily Vårt Land.

My comment:

I wonder why Fykse Tveit feel it would be bad if Norwegian Imam’s was educated abroad.

Would not Mecca be able to educate Imam’s in proper Islam?

I guess not. In the circles around men like Fykse Tveit, it is obvious that not even Lutheran priest’s can be properly educated, if they are not attending state controlled universities of theology.

The most important question, is nevertheless:

Is it the WCC’s job, to promote eduction of Imam’s?

If so, where in the Bible is this kind of instruction written?

Did Jesus tell His “priest’s” to promote other Masters than him?

Can a single Norwegian who convert to Islam, be saved, and escape the fire of Hell?

If not:

Do you want to be held accountable for the Norwegians who are deceived into becoming a child of devil, by Imam’s educated in state financed institution’s in Norway?

Please tell me, Fykse Tveit. I know you are a reader of this blog.