Anglican Bishop seek full union with Pope in Rome

Anglican head Rowan Williams has bowed down before the Pope, but has not yet followed five of his Bishops back towards full union with the false and corrupt Vatican statehood.

Only the color of their dress seems to separate the head of the Anglical Church from his mother in Rome.

Bishop Keith Newton of Richborough will resign as Anglical bishop on December 31st.

“I will, in due course, be received into full communion with the Catholic Church and join the Ordinariate when one is erected in England, which I hope will happen early next year.”

Bishop Keith Newton.

Pope Benedict established the proposed Anglican Ordinariate, a special jurisdiction within the Catholic Church, in his apostolic constitution “Anglicanorum Coetibus.”

Bishop Newton explained that although the issue of the ordination of women as Anglican bishops has been an important factor in his decision, it is “not the most significant.”

Noting the “surprise” of the Pope’s action on Anglican-Catholic relations, he said that most Anglicans have prayed for union with the Catholic Church.

However, this union has seemed less likely because of “the new difficulties concerning the ordination of women and other doctrinal and moral issues affecting the Anglican Communion.”

“Although we must still pray for sacramental and ecclesial unity between our Churches that now seems a much more distant hope,” Bishop Newton said.

The ordinariates provide an opportunity for “visible unity” and Anglicans are able to retain “what is best in our own tradition which will enrich the Universal Church.”

Converting Anglican bishop says papal action changed the landscape.

Archbishop Rowan Williams bowns down and kiss the ring of the fisherman.

“I hope you will understand that I am not taking this step in faith for negative reasons about problems in the Church of England but for positive reasons in response to our Lord’s prayer the night before he died the ‘they may all be one’,” the bishop continued.

While expressing sympathy with the position that Anglicans with traditional views need leadership at a “vital” time, he rejected the example of a leader who should “stay to the bitter end like the captain of a sinking ship.”

Rather, he noted the scriptural image of the shepherd, who must lead his flock from the front rather than follow it from behind.

“This is what I hope I am doing. I am leading the way and I hope and pray that many of you will follow me in the months and the years ahead,” he explained.

Bishop Newton acknowledged those who want to remain in the Church of England, but he said he could not continue to be their bishop “with any integrity” and cannot provide the episcopal leadership they deserve.

“You need a new Bishop of Richborough who has the same vision as you have and one for whom a solution in the Church of England is a priority. My priority is union with the Universal Church,” he added.

Source: CNA.

My comment:

If the Pope is an antichrist and Rome a part of Mysterious Babylon, than Anglican Bishop Keith Newton is a harlot returning home to his “Mother Church”.

Bishop Newton is not alone. All the so-called mainline Churches are on their way back to union with the Vatican.  On the way there will also be spiritual whores from all kind of denominations, also from the Pentecostal camp.

The Word of Faith movement and worshipers of miracles and wonders are on the same path towards destruction.  Men like Benny Hinn and Ulf Ekman is leading this procession back towards union with the Church of Rome.

Read more about the gold ring of the Pope, that His faithful bow down and kiss.

4 thoughts on “Anglican Bishop seek full union with Pope in Rome

  1. These guys are the contemporary, Gentile version of Pharisees and Sadducees. The same devils that were around the Pharisees are probably hanging around, and influencing, these guys also. Notice how they love the chief seats and fancy garments.

  2. It doesn’t suprise me in the least. I have watched the ‘venerable'(sic) Rowan Willimas on TV on many occasions, he loves to speak of a worldly Faith and is blinded by his own so-called ‘intellect’ but as the Lord says he sees them as fools who think they are wise. Many people are deceived in these false churches thinking the way to Christ Jesus is by the works of ‘intelligence’. You only have to look at the wording of Catholic dogma to see this. You even see it in Christian theology (Modern), I feel these theologians are blinded because they love wordly words to look into mysteries and teachings, but the answer is very simple the Lord sends his Holy Spirit (Ruach Hajodesh)to teach us all.
    After all why look at the teachings of man in all forms when we can simply ask Our LOrd and God. For as it is written… Many Kings and wise men have sought to look into teachings,…but the Father loves to reveal these mysteries to his children.
    Dont we just Love Our Lord and God. Halleluyah!! Our Lord and King.
    Shout ..TODA !!! ADONIA. Barukh Avinu, Adonia Yeshua el Shaddai.
    Shalom Alecheim.

    1. Religion is an invention of Satan and is nothing but a system set up to make you feel good about yourself until to get to hell. Our Lord and Savior wants to have a relationship built on trusting Him to save you from religion. Here are His words:

      “All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.” John 6:37

      Nowhere does it say “all that come to “insert any religion” will I in no wise cast out”!


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