Iran to rule both in Gaza and in the ‘West Bank”

In the absence of the “Israel occupation.”, also the West bank will be transformed into an Iranian style of state.

This is the way how the "peaceful religion" of Islam treat people who do not submit.

26-year-old Walid Hussein raised critical questions about the Prophet Muhammad on the net. Now he faces life in prison for violating a Palestinian Authority law against “insulting the divine presence.”

Hussein, the son of a Muslim scholar from the Samarian town of Kalkiya, was arrested this week for posting messages on the Internet questioning Islam and the Prophet Mohammad.

According to the Associated Press, Palestinian Authority investigators used Facebook to finally track down Hussein, who for a number of years had managed to post freely on English and Arabic language websites using a pseudonym.

If you claim Muhammad is a false prophet, you are suppose to pay like a headless chicken.

In his postings, Hussein said that Allah has the attributes of a “primitive Bedouin”.

He also stated that Islam is “a blind faith that grows and takes over people’s minds where there is irrationality and ignorance.”

Most recently, Hussein is suspected of creating a Facebook group in which he sarcastically declared himself to be Allah and ordered faithful Muslims to do ridiculous things that mock the commandments of the Koran.

His Facebook group and his personal website had been attracting tens of thousands of visitors a month, mostly from surrounding Arab countries.

His neighbors think he is getting off too easy.

“He should be burned to death,” another Kalkilya resident told the Associated Press, insisting that the execution take place in public “to be an example to others.”

Source: Israeli Magazine, Israel Today.

Britain’s top soldier says al-Qaeda cannot be beaten

The new head of Britain’s armed forces, General Sir David Richards, has warned that the West cannot defeat al-Qaeda and militant Islam.

General Sir David Richards wants to make peace with Osama Bin Laden.

He said defeating Islamist militancy was “unnecessary and would never be achieved”.

However, he argued that it could be “contained” to allow Britons to lead secure lives.

Gen Richards, 58, said the threat posed by “al-Qaeda and its affiliates” meant Britain’s national security would be at risk for at least 30 years.

The general, who will tomorrow lay a wreath at the Cenotaph in Whitehall in memory of Britain’s war dead, said the West’s war against what he described as a “pernicious ideology” had parallels with the fight against Nazi Germany in the Second World War.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, the general disclosed that Prince William was unlikely to serve in Afghanistan but suggested that his brother Harry, training to be an Apache helicopter pilot, could return to front-line duty in Helmand province.

He said the British military and the Government had been “guilty of not fully understanding what was at stake” in Afghanistan and admitted that the Afghan people were beginning to “tire” of Nato’s inability to deliver on its promises.

Osama Bin Laden has defeated the Royal Army.

However, he said the sacrifice being made by the Armed Forces in Afghanistan, where 343 soldiers have been killed since 2001, “has been worth it”. Progress was being made and Nato was “in the right parish”. He said: “Don’t give up folks, it’s all to play for.”

The general also dismissed suggestions that troops badly injured fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan would ever be “forced” to leave the Armed Forces, but said most of those seriously wounded wanted to leave to begin new careers.

He rejected claims by former senior Royal Navy chiefs who said scrapping the aircraft carrier Ark Royal and the Harrier force would jeopardise the security of the Falkland Islands. But it is the general’s assertion that victory against militant Islam cannot be achieved that is likely to prove most contentious.

The general said:

“In conventional war, defeat and victory is very clear cut and is symbolised by troops marching into another nation’s capital. First of all you have to ask: do we need to defeat it [Islamist militancy] in the sense of a clear cut victory?

I would argue that it is unnecessary and would never be achieved.

“But can we contain it to the point that our lives and our children’s lives are led securely? I think we can.”

He also said the real weapon in the war against al-Qaeda was the use of “upstream prevention” as well as “education and democracy”. The problems that gave rise to militant Islamism were unlikely to be solved soon, he added.

On the issue of future wars, the general said he could see no case for military intervention in other countries “at the moment” but added that he would be “barmy to say that one day we wouldn’t be back in that position”.

Source:  The UK Newspaper Telegraph.

My comment:

There were men that felt Nazi-Germany could not be defeated. One of them was the war time US Ambassador to London, Joseph Kennedy. The father of US President John F. Kennedy. Both Roman Catholics.

Joseph Kennedy

He worked for closer corporation between the US and Nazi Germany during the 1930-ties, and said during the battle for Britain in 1940: “democracy is finished in Britain”.

What if people had listened to men like Kennedy?

Than the whole of Europe would have been ruled by the Nazi-party today. And there would not have been a Jew left on the surface of the Earth.

God of the Bible did not agree with Ambassador Kennedy. He used men like Winston Churchill to mobilize enough men to drive the Nazi’s back towards Berlin.

Nazism was defeated, despite support from men like Joseph Kennedy.

Today, the United Kingdom has started to listen to men that would have kept Hitler ruling in Europe. Men like General Sir David Richards.

Their new idol is Osama Bin Laden, a man that is hell bent on accomplishing what Hitler never managed to do.  And now the top UK General feel al-Qaeda will succeed.

But behold.

Men like General Sir David Richards is not above God of the Bible. Wicked men will not gain the final victory. The final victory belongs to the Lion of Judah. The Son of David will some and spoil the parties both in London and in the tribal belt of Pakistan.

God will gather both this general and Osama to the final battle. The final judgment will take place in Zion.

Anglican Bishop seek full union with Pope in Rome

Anglican head Rowan Williams has bowed down before the Pope, but has not yet followed five of his Bishops back towards full union with the false and corrupt Vatican statehood.

Only the color of their dress seems to separate the head of the Anglical Church from his mother in Rome.

Bishop Keith Newton of Richborough will resign as Anglical bishop on December 31st.

“I will, in due course, be received into full communion with the Catholic Church and join the Ordinariate when one is erected in England, which I hope will happen early next year.”

Bishop Keith Newton.

Pope Benedict established the proposed Anglican Ordinariate, a special jurisdiction within the Catholic Church, in his apostolic constitution “Anglicanorum Coetibus.”

Bishop Newton explained that although the issue of the ordination of women as Anglican bishops has been an important factor in his decision, it is “not the most significant.”

Noting the “surprise” of the Pope’s action on Anglican-Catholic relations, he said that most Anglicans have prayed for union with the Catholic Church.

However, this union has seemed less likely because of “the new difficulties concerning the ordination of women and other doctrinal and moral issues affecting the Anglican Communion.”

“Although we must still pray for sacramental and ecclesial unity between our Churches that now seems a much more distant hope,” Bishop Newton said.

The ordinariates provide an opportunity for “visible unity” and Anglicans are able to retain “what is best in our own tradition which will enrich the Universal Church.”

Converting Anglican bishop says papal action changed the landscape.

Archbishop Rowan Williams bowns down and kiss the ring of the fisherman.

“I hope you will understand that I am not taking this step in faith for negative reasons about problems in the Church of England but for positive reasons in response to our Lord’s prayer the night before he died the ‘they may all be one’,” the bishop continued.

While expressing sympathy with the position that Anglicans with traditional views need leadership at a “vital” time, he rejected the example of a leader who should “stay to the bitter end like the captain of a sinking ship.”

Rather, he noted the scriptural image of the shepherd, who must lead his flock from the front rather than follow it from behind.

“This is what I hope I am doing. I am leading the way and I hope and pray that many of you will follow me in the months and the years ahead,” he explained.

Bishop Newton acknowledged those who want to remain in the Church of England, but he said he could not continue to be their bishop “with any integrity” and cannot provide the episcopal leadership they deserve.

“You need a new Bishop of Richborough who has the same vision as you have and one for whom a solution in the Church of England is a priority. My priority is union with the Universal Church,” he added.

Source: CNA.

My comment:

If the Pope is an antichrist and Rome a part of Mysterious Babylon, than Anglican Bishop Keith Newton is a harlot returning home to his “Mother Church”.

Bishop Newton is not alone. All the so-called mainline Churches are on their way back to union with the Vatican.  On the way there will also be spiritual whores from all kind of denominations, also from the Pentecostal camp.

The Word of Faith movement and worshipers of miracles and wonders are on the same path towards destruction.  Men like Benny Hinn and Ulf Ekman is leading this procession back towards union with the Church of Rome.

Read more about the gold ring of the Pope, that His faithful bow down and kiss.

Be aware of “Hamburger Christianity”

Lately I have been reminded of a phrase that is repeated often in the Book of Judges, to wit; “In those days there was no King in Israel and everyone did what was right in their own eyes.”

Me. my self and I. That is central teachings in "Hamburger Christianity".

It struck me the other day that this one little phrase explains many of the problems in the Body of Christ in 2010.


from Aaron in Jerusalem

There is no universally recognized central ruling authority in the Body, and as a result, everyone is left to help themselves to what a friend of mine calls “Burger King Christianity” after the American fast food restaurant’s advertising motto that “You can have it your way!”

Do you like being part of a Church community but you don’t like paying tithes?

Okay, so don’t!

Do you think you’re a good person and like calling yourself a
“Christian” because you admire Jesus but you also like to smoke marijuana and have sex with your partner who you’re not married to?

So do it!

And who are these judgmental people telling you that you’re
doing something wrong anyway?  Do they think they’re God or something?

What about pastors who divorce their wives and marry their secretary who they were sleeping with even before they got divorced?

Should they be asked to step down from their position?

What about churches that don’t support Israel but they do a lot ofother “good” things.

Would Jesus condemn this behavior?

The answer is, no He would not condemn.

But He WOULD rebuke, and He WOULD command the sinner to repent and change.

If they did not, eventually they would be condemned by a God who is incapable of sinning Himself, or of tolerating the unrepentant, unredeemed sinner.

Jesus will rebuke us when we sin, and the Holy Spirit will convict us of our sin, not to punish us out of malice but to correct us out of love, for our own good, as a loving father corrects his children for their own benefit.

As “Christians” we have made the Free Will choice to become citizens of the Kingdom of Christ, and that means placing ourselves under His Authority, making Him the King of our lives.

That means we are NOT free to do “whatever is right in our own eyes.”

The Bible is the Word of God.  All of it, not just the parts we like. We are not free to treat the Bible like a salad bar, taking the parts we like and ignoring the parts we don’t, or which are inconvenient.

The Bible is many things and one of them is a contract.  A written contract, as any lawyer will tell you, cannot be changed at a later date unless both sides agree to the changes.

God does not agree to the changes that allow you to “have it your way.”  He wants us to have it HIS WAY, for His glory and for our own benefit.

The Catholic Church has a ‘King” in the form of the Pope, who theoretically derives his Apostolic Authority directly from Jesus. The Pope’s authority then devolves onto Patriarchs, Archbishops, Cardinals, and so on down the line.

While I certainly do not endorse this system, nor do I believe in the basis of it (the Pope being the so called “vicar” or representative of Christ on this earth, imbued with God’s authority and speaking with His voice).

I am forced to say that the alternative system as practiced by what calls itself the Protestant Church also has a lot of problems and I would almost go so far as to say it’s not much better.

I hope it is not too revolutionary for me to say in this forum that it is long past time for the Bible Believing Church to stop acting like a liberal democracy and remember that we are called to be a Kingdom,with Christ on the thrown of our own personal lives and the corporate life of the Church. His Royal commands are spelled out for us in His Word, which does not suffer elasticity of interpretation.

The Bible says what it says.  It does not always say what our flesh thinks is “fair” or command practices that our flesh would say promotes “justice” or “equality.”

But as I said, we have all made the Free Will choice to abide by the terms of the Biblical contract, and if we fail to live up to them we cannot complain at the results, in this world and the next.

I will be writing more letters in the coming days outlining specific areas in which the Body of Christ is, in my observation, in desperateneed of a course correction to get us off our fleshly trajectory and back into God’s trajectory, but this is enough for now.

God bless you all!

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