Hamas invites Ahmadinejad to visit Gaza strip

The Islamic Resistance Movement of Palestine (Hamas) invited Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to pay a visit to the Gaza Strip.

The Islamic Iranian dictator received a hero's welcome in Lebanon.

Hamas is boldly proclaiming that a visit by Mahmoud Ahmadinjejad will boost resistance morale among the Palestinians.

“We invite Ahmadinejad to pay a visit to the Gaza Strip, and we are confident that the visit will have extraordinary importance,” deputy foreign minister of Hamas elected government Ahmed Yousef told FNA in Gaza.

He said that the visit will boost the morale of the resistance front the same as what happened during President Ahmadinejad’s visit to Lebanon.

Many analysts called Ahmadinejad’s October visit to Lebanon as a moral-boost move, specially after thousands of people and officials took to the streets in Beirut to extend him an unprecedented welcome.

During his visit to Lebanon in October, the Iranian president appreciated the Lebanese people and government for their firm resistance against the plots and aggressions of the Zionist regime.

Saluting the struggle of the Lebanese people, government and army in face of Zionist enemies’ aggressions, President Ahmadinejad said at a joint press conference with his Lebanese counterpart Michel Suleiman in Beirut that Lebanon is the source of honor for the Middle East region.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a hero in Lebanon, because he hates Israel.

Ahmadinejad visited Lebanon’s Southern border town of Bint Jbeil and village of Qana.

He hailed the resistance shown by them during the 33-day war against the Zionist regime of Israel in summer 2006.

Addressing a large crowd of residents of Bint Jbeil, a town severely devastated by violent Israeli attacks in 2006, Ahmadinejad called the town “the capital of resistance and victory.”

During his visit to Qana, Ahmadinejad said that the people of Lebanon and the martyrs of Qana serve as proof of Israel’s criminal conduct.

Source: Fars News agency. (FNA).

My comment:

Hamas is founded by Iran. That is the reason why Hamas is inviting President Ahmadinejad to Gaza.

Birds of the same feathers, flock together.

What is the Wests reaction?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. Its like Europe in the mid 1930-ties. Comfortably num, walking right towards the catastrophe.

With free borders around Gaza, all kind of terrorists would be free to walk in and out, and become a security risk to nations like Egypt.

The World media has believed and distributed Islamic lies about Israel. It is not the Israeli border with Gaza that is closed. Egypt has sealed this border, to avoid radical Islam from taking over the whole Middle East. Israel has been forced by the USA, EU and the United Nation to keep its border with Gaza open. Hundred of thousands of tons of supplies enters Gaza from Israel.

This is nothing but madness.  Seal the border, and quickly remove the cancer of Hamas from Gaza.  Give Holocaust deniers like Ahmadinejad the booth, and put them in prison.

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