Hillary Clinton gives fresh funds to Islamic Jihad on Israel

US accelerates funding to PA with USD 150 million transfer.

Hillary Clinton is a smiling donor that place her nation under the judgment of the returning Messiah. The US funds Abbas and Islamic terrorism.

The US sped up delivery of USD 150 million in direct aid to the Palestinian Authority Wednesday, citing the need to fill an urgent budget shortfall.

“This figure underscores the strong determination of the American people and this administration to stand with our Palestinian friends even during difficult economic times,” declared US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in announcing the aid, which was taken from the USD 200 million the Obama administration plans to allocate to the PA in 2011.

An US Official explains the American commitment:

“We are also committed to helping build institutions of the Palestinian government so that should there be an agreement down the road that leads to a Palestinian state, they’re ready to govern, so these are not mutually exclusive,” he said. “But obviously it underscores our firm commitment to help the Palestinian people even as we continue to press the parties to resume negotiations.”

Clinton is set to meet with Netanyahu during a one-on-one meeting in New York Thursday morning in which these and other issues related to the peace process are expected to arise.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

What kind of regime is it Hillary Clinton funds with American tax payers money?

1. The PA refuse to recognize the state of Israel.

2. The PA has enforced a property law that includes death penalty to Arabs who sell land to Jews.

3. The PA wants to build an Islamic state that will be governed by Sharia laws.

4. The PA make school books that has deleted 3.000 years of Jewish history in Israel.

5. The PA names streets in Ramallah after Jihadists, Muslims that has killed innocent Jews in suicide attacks inside Israel.

6. Like the Nazis, the PA wants to build a statehood free for Jews. The Jewish people will not be allowed to have properties inside the districts of Judea and Samaria.

7. The PA want to have East Jerusalem as its capital. From 1948 to 1967 this part of Jerusalem was occupied by Jordan, and made a Jew-free zone. The Muslims destroyed all the synagogues.

That a Methodist Church going “Christian” like Hillary Clinton do not understand that she has made God of Israel her enemy, is a result of systematic false teachings of “Churches” that teach Replacement Theology.

A “Jesus” that do not agree with his Father, is not the Messiah of the Bible. Clinton and people who support this kind of American financed terrorism, has surrendered to the spirit of anti-Christ.

They will find them selves on the wrong side when Jesus returns. Because He lives, and He is the rock of Israel, who has regathered the Jews and restored the fortunes of Israel. The true Jesus of Nazareth will eventually return to save Israel. Amen.

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