Israeli top general: The enemy is mingling among their own children

We need new weapons that are large enough to destroy targets but are small enough to minimize collateral damage.

IDF General Gabi Ashkenazi warns about tougher fight with Islamic terrorism.

This is the Words of IDF Chief General Gabi Ashkenazi.  He explained the nature of Israel’s new security threat to international defense conference in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

Israel has not faced conventional armies since Yom Kippur war of 1973. The enemies of the Jewish people have since that war, reorganized them self in small Islamic terrorist cells.  They set up rocket launchers inside schools and Mosques, and fired them into populated areas in Israel.

IDF Chief Ashkenazi explained that Israel faces the stark reality that future conflicts will be much more difficult than in the past.

” Israel enemies often hide amongst their own civilian population.In the future, we will not meet the enemy on the traditional battlefield,” Ashkenazi said.

“During the Yom Kippur War all we had to do was pick up a pair of binoculars and look for the divisions. Nowadays, there are not divisions…and therefore we will need to make an effort to turn the enemy from asymmetric to symmetric. We will need new weapons systems that are large enough to destroy targets but are small enough to minimize collateral damage.”

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3 thoughts on “Israeli top general: The enemy is mingling among their own children

  1. heavenliy father wil alway produce tha best weapons in tha world 4 israel army america is gods mighty army.nobody in the world shud mes with isreal .tha best is stil 2 come,honest 2god i dreamd abwt tha killer beez isreal making they can kil spy and blow rocket luncherz up r anythng i care 4israel very much even no im from newzealand porirua tha name of jesus christ and the holyghost amen

  2. wif out america we wil die 2.because christ died 4 us we wil survive 2 us maoris from newzealand love israel and the usa.i just hope tha best 4 israelis.and please iran stop making the bomb if u are making it.god almighty is watching down n iran he is the real satalite that can see everythng and anythng so stop asap.iran make peace not war get in line with tha rest of the world

  3. @blaze
    Jesus believed in obeying ‘the Commandments’, and would have not taken part in any kind of war, nor would his followers. In fact, I am sure that he would have spoken harshly against war since war means breaking one of G-D’s clear commandments, ‘Do Not murder’. (Self-defence is assumed acceptable, as it is not ‘murder’.)
    Why won’t the power-worshipers of this world realize that there is simply a truly higher quality of living for every one of them, (as well as for every one else) if e very one was encouraged to do loving things, instead of selfish things, through them being the role-models ? And assuming that births are miraculous (which they truly are) why can’t we assume that there may very well be a judgement after this earthly life of ours. Love wins on both counts, for what it can add to this life, and for whatever reward or punishment there might be from the Great Architect’s Plans. War brings hate, death, misery forever. It must be man’s goal to end it. I think the choice is clear: You can decide for yourself. All of us can decide what is best.

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