The Ireland-Palestine Alliance has invited municipal councilors in Northern Ireland to screening of movie that warns against Christian Zionism. Behind the campaign is Dr. Stephen Sizer.

Replacement theologian Dr. Stephen Sizer works with Islam to brand Christian Zionism as dangerous.

A film produced earlier this year that depicts Christian Zionism as a fanatical and dangerous ideology is gaining popularity in the UK.

The Ireland-Palestine Alliance is even being peddled to government ministers in an effort to snuff out the influence of grassroots Christian support for the Jewish state.

A municipal councilor in Northern Ireland notified Israel Today that he and many other local and national officials have been invited to attend a screening of the film “With God on Our Side” on November 11 at Queens University in Belfast.

Among those invited are several prominent members of the Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly, as well as Daphne Trimble, wife of former First Minister David Trimble.

The 82-minute film they will to be treated to accuses Christian supporters of Israel of advocating the ethnic cleansing of the region’s Arab population, be they Christians or Muslims, and of rubber stamping all Israeli actions and policies regardless of morality.

The film asserts that Christian Zionists have eschewed Christian love for an apocalyptic theology, and should themselves be relegated to the lunatic fringe of political discourse.

It blatantly ignores many of the root causes for and the history of the conflict, while accusing Israel of arbitrary cruelty and Christians of willfully approving that cruelty.

Following the film, attendees will hear from Dr. Stephen Sizer, an Anglican minister who has for years been highly critical of Bible-based Christian support for Israel.

These screenings and lectures by Dr. Sizer are presumably taking place across the UK, which is a sad testament considering that the UK was once the bastion of Christian Zionism and was used mightily by the Lord to facilitate Israel’s rebirth as a nation-state.

Source: Israeli Magazine, Israel Today.

My comment:

Anti-Zionists obviously become anti Christian Zionists.  That there are people who believe in a “Jesus” that is supportive of the Koran, is strange. Since the Koran denies that there can be an independent Jewish nation in the Middle East.

Men like Dr. Stephen Sizer do the work of “allah”. He support Islam as a religion of peace, and that anti-Zionists represent the front soldiers for Human rights in the Middle East.

Its not only stupid. Spiritually speaking, its a dangerous deception. The Father of all lies do have many men working for him.

Read more about this movie: “With God on our side”.

And the links this movie has with a slogan of Nazi-Germany.