Ulf Ekman loved the pope and has Catholic Mary in his garden

Swedish church leader Ulf Ekman went to Rome to get spiritual wisdom from Marianists. Than he kept a statue of Mary in his garden.

Ulf Ekman brings his congreation on the road to Rome and destruction.

On Boston Catholic Women’s conference Ulf Ekmans fresh devotion for Catholic Mary became a hot topic.
Lady Minister Patti Mansfield confirms that Ulf Ekman came to Rome to learn more about Catholic Mary. Ekman expressed that he admired Pope John Paul II.

After an anonomous photographer sent pictures of a small statue of virgin Mary in the senior pastors personal garden the commentsection of Aletheia.se went wild.

Ulf Ekman has an idol of Mary in his garden.

Many are upset over the possibility that the photographer may have jumped the fence to get a clear picture, most readers are more upset over what in the world is going on in Ekmans spititual life.

Mrs Ekman confirms the patron in her garden in a comment, but denies their intention is to get any kind of protection by the Madonna who traditionally is used for just this purpose by millions of Catholics around the world.

”Yes, yes, I have set this rusty little garden decoration of Mary in my flowerbed.  They are a ”fad” now and can be found in many homes and garden stores … …. The idéa that we would have placed the little statue (in our garden) as ”protection” of our home is really a comic and bizarre conjecture. ”

Patti Mansfield

Let us hope that there is naivety and ignorance behind Birgittas statement as it doesn’t take much research to se who stood model for this ”innocent” garden ornament:   http://www.stmaryolg.org/patron.html

Catholic TV-preacher, Patti Mansfield, confirms that Ulf Ekmans fascination with the virgin Mary is more than a garden ornament.

In the middle of the heated blog-discussion, in which many defends the former evangelical minister, aletheia.se received a new e-mail tip where a well know Catholic minister talks about her meeting with Ulf Ekman in Rome, and in a very strong way confirms the worry that many in Swedish Christianity has about the new path Word of Life leadership has taken lately.

Pastor Ekman himself confirms meeting with her in one of many Church publications a while back.  For one reason or another he failed to mention the subject of their conversation now revealed by Patti Mansfield.

Source: Blogger.

Also take a look at this video:

7 thoughts on “Ulf Ekman loved the pope and has Catholic Mary in his garden

  1. Coming out of the RC church it is sad to see how far the RC continues to fall away from the truth. Things began to go to hell when the RC’s disobeyed the advise of Pope Leo the Great and started to appoint ‘Bishops’ outside their own area, and then totally went to hell when the RC’s disobeyed Pope Gregory the Great and declared the Roman Bishop to be Universal above all other bishops. Oh well, it was predicted that there would be a great “falling away” in the last days and we are just now discovering how great that falling away is from the truth.

    By the way, I pray you will continue the fight for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and know I am praying for you and the eventual salvation of the entire Jewish nation as outlined by the Apostle Paul.


  2. I have heard several teachings from Mr. Ekmann. And, I have watched some of his bi-annual seminars, and noted the speakers there. None of that suggests to me that Mr. Ekmann is the kind of Christian who would make such an ignorant error.
    I just don’t believe it.

    1. Yes, it`s hard to believe… There has been written a lot about Ulf Ekman`s move towards Catholicism in the Norwegian media lately. His son just recently converted to Catholicism.

      It is hard to believe that Mr Ekman, who so adamantly spoke against Catholicism some years ago (after what I`ve heard), now embraces it more and more.

      I feel very uncomfortable with what is happening in Norway right now with more and more conversions from Protestantism to Catholicism.

      I don`t live in Norway. But as a Norwegian, I am interested in what is going on there and I read Norwegian newspapers and websites. One Christian newspaper has turned very Catholic-biased.There seems to be more and more portraits there about former Protestants who have turned towards Rome. Yesterday the newspaper wrote about several teachers at the largest theological faculty in Norway who have converted to Catholicism.

      On the other hand, you have the Norwegian Protestant state church which is becoming more and more liberal, accepting what the Bible clearly defines sinful.

      All this reminds me about the end time delusion which the Bible talks about. People are turning away from God`s Word and Christ`s teaching and replace it with mysticism and a theology after the flesh which pleases the masses.

      All this reminds me of Paul`s letter to the congregations in Galatia where they were turning away to a different Gospel based on works instead of salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.In chapter 3:1 Paul asks; “Who has bewitched you?” And I ask myself the same question concerning those who turn away from the precious Gospel we find in the Bible.

      This also reminds me to all the more make sure I am holding fast to my faith, standing fast in God`s Word and not following any leader or the masses opinion. People change, but God`s Word never changes!! We have to make sure that it is Christ the solid rock we are standing on in times like these!

      1. Dear Hildi.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        Thanks for blessing me.

        The situation in the Church is as foretold by the prophets, and by the Messiah.

        Jesus asked: “Will the Son man find faith on Earth?”.

        There will be a separation of the sheep and the goats. We can all see it , and sense there is a split in the Church, right down the middle. We are not permitted to throw the false brethren out, but to rather expose them. So they can repent, and avoid the coming judgement, as the Messiah returns as the Lion of Judah.

        Ulf Ekman is just one of many false teachers. When we expose falsehood, we also protect the elect from falling into deception.

        The problem is that may Christian are governed by the fear of men, and have no fear of God, as they continue to silently support errors and evil.

  3. “The church split down the middle.”??? There is some misunderstanding here. The part that split off has continued to split, trying hard to reinvent the wheel and perfecting themselves in ‘chery-picking’ the scriptures; they are still confused and still trying to outdo each in spite Christ’s prayer that they may be ONE. O Lord grant that we may see.

  4. Christians believe that Jesus was born by Mary. They believe in God, in the Holy Spirit and in Jesus Christ.
    God chose Mary as the fairest of her daughters. The Holy Spirit chose Mary as His Spouse. Jesus chose Mary as His mother.
    This shows that she is favored. It is only reasonable to Honour her. I am not surprised Catholics honour her. They don’t worship Her. You don’t understand an environment from the outside; it could be misleading.
    Lord open my eyes that I may see.

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