When 150 Mercedes rolled into Aurangabad in India

While 500 million Indians are robbed for their rights to basic education, 150 business men in Aurangabad purchased a luxury Mercedes each.

India has become a fast growing market for Mercedes Benz.

There are 1,1 million people living in the city of Aurangabad, north east of the city of Mumbai in India.

To put Aurangabad on the World map, 150 local business men purchased a high end luxury Mercedes Benz each, in one go. The “media stunt” was as bid to display the prosperity in India, that held a population of 1,2 billion.

” This could well be the highest valued car deal in India. The group wants to put their hometown on the global map”, is the message of the Indian TV-channel IBN, who has a tie up with CNN.

The deal is valued at 650 Million rupees, of 15 million USD.  Aurangabad was once  a small city in the underdeveloped Marathawada region of the state of Maharashtra. Now its called “an economic hub”.

The Indian working class lack bacis infrastructure, and are denied their basic Human right to eductaion.

Rishi Darda, MD Lokmat group, said:
“We wanted to put Aurangabad on the world map.” Rahul Mishrikotkar, of RHS Ventures, said: “We want to invite all investors and industries to Aurangabad.”

Dr. Wilfried Aulbur, Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India said there is tremendous economic power in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

These young owners are all set now to get into the driver’s seat to showcase Aurangabad as the new hope of Maharashtra.

Source: IBN

My comment:

The World needs to wake up to the looting that is going on in India. A Swiss Banking report exposed that 80.000 Indians have 1,5 trillion USD stored up in secret Swiss bank accounts.

This is the biggest loot of public money in the history of modern civilization.

The looting of the citizens of the republic of India, is expressed in its ugliest form by these businessmen in the city of Aurangabad. While they do not lift a finger, or spend a dollar to help hundreds of thousands of people in their own city out of poverty, they use their stolen money to go buying luxury German cars in bulk orders.

The West do pump in billion of US dollars, to get heavy return from “Indian bussiens”. While the Indian’s work as slaves without dignity, the local “businessmen” have a great picnic in the sun.  The working class in Europe and the US pay the price. When jobs are outsourced to India, Europeans and Americans are loosing their jobs. Its a crime, and truly a shame.

The Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil. The Mercedes bonanza in Aurangabad is a fresh ugly example.

2 thoughts on “When 150 Mercedes rolled into Aurangabad in India

  1. Morning Ivar!

    What a spectacle that was. They actually rolled out a RED CARPET. One article I read said this much Pomp has not been given since the Pharoes of Egypt. What a joke!

    1. Dear Sue.

      Shalom, my sister in Jesus the Messiah.

      It reminds me about the Kings of France, before the revolution. The ugly face of people with cold hearts, who let their brothers and sister die of starvation while the party rolls on.

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