Norwegian top Christian politician: “Israeli security fence extremely suppressive”

Vice President of the Christian political party in Norway accuse Israel of unfairness and human right abuses.

Inger Lise Hansen have accepted the Islamic version of how to get peace in the Middle East.

Inger Lise Hansen is one of two vice presidents of the Norwegian Christianity Party. She has recently been in Jerusalem, and have accepted the Islamic views on Israel.

She uses the gospel to compare the Jewish state with the opposite, and accuses the Israeli government of racism.
“A faith based walk in Jerusalem, exposes the indifferent treatment of the Palestinians. The security fence was built on Jewish insecurity. But this fence is also destroying the life of the Palestinians, by being suppressive. It gives us the impression that there are people with lower value”, explains Hansen. She underlines the need for a “lasting peace agreement”.

A group of Norwegian politicians were introduced to the “aid work” of the Church of Norway’s Aid Council.
“This organization is helping the Palestinians to build institutions so they can achieve basic human rights” claims Hansen.

MP Torbjørn Røe Isaksen from the Conservative party agrees. He is a member of the Parliamentarian lobby group “Friends of Israel”.
“This is a complicated conflict, and I am a friend of Israel. It is obvious that the situation in the occupied area’s are un fair. Today’s politics of Israel is not sustainable” explains Røe Eriksen.

Source:  Norwegian Christian Daily.

My comment:

The Norwegians claim that the historical conflict between Israel and the Arabs are “complicated”  The logic behind such a statement is that Israel have to give the Arab Palestinians land, and there will be peace.

This is a deception.

Israel have never got peace by giving up their land.  When the Jewish people was forced out of Gaza in 2005, a lot of Norwegian politicians was convinced that peace in the Middle East was in the pipeline.

Israel got 8.000 “peaceful” rockets in return from Gaza for this gesture.

The conflict between Israel and the Arabs are not at all “complicated” stuff.

The Muslims do not own the land.  The Bible has gifted this land to the sons and daughters of Jacob, the Jewish patriarch.  The Islamic claim to the mountains of Zion is based on lies and cheating.

Inger Lise Hansen is a claimed Pentecostal Christian, and is supposed to be connected to the Holy Spirit. But being raised in the biggest Pentecostal Church in Norway, seems to be no guaranty that she is willing to accept the everlasting nature of the Abrahamic covenant.

Hansen is baptized, but still a victim of systematic “Christian” denial of the Biblical promises given to the Jewish people. This is a pastoral error, that lead the flock into deception, and anti-Jewish attitudes expressed by a leading Norwegian politician.

Jesus the Messiah loves the Jewish people, and He is the founding Father of the state of Israel. It was the Holy Spirit of God that regathered the Jewish people, and home to the land gifted to their ancestors.  If this is not correct, God of the Bible can not be trusted. And “Jesus” is a rebel, that do not agree with the Prophetic Word, which this false messiah is not interested in fulfilling.

I believe in Jesus of the Bible. Some enemies of Israel becomes the enemy of God of the Bible, in the name of ” a Jesus”.

Read more about the Israeli security fence:

5 thoughts on “Norwegian top Christian politician: “Israeli security fence extremely suppressive”

  1. This just proves what I’ve always thought and what the bible teaches, which is, that the greatest danger to the “real” body of Christ and the Jewish nation is from Wolves in Christian (sheep) clothing, versus non-believers.

  2. She’s probably right on that count. The wall does not seem to be what Jesus was preaching. The Jews may be misinterpreting what was promised regarding Israel. Did Abraham question why those things promised didn’t occur within his lifetime? No he did not. He didn’t really benefit personally from the promise during his lifetime. He was nomadic going whichever way God instructed him to go. Also I don’t recall God ever saying to Moses or anyone that the Land of Israel where he led Moses was what he promised to Abraham. They only assumed that’s what he meant. My impression is the promised land has something to do with the New Earth after the second coming.

    1. Dear Ed.

      Do you have a fence around your property?

      If you neighbor threatened you, and tried to jump this fence, and kill you: Would you not have made this fence a proper “security fence”?

      You need to open you eye’s Ed.

      The security fence in Israel has stopped Islamic suicide bombers from entering Jewish areas and kill innocent Jews.

      Ed: Why do you support Islamic suicide bombers? Do you want them to enter your garden or flat also?

  3. God can never lie and his word is true the land is for Israel and do not know what type of religion is Islam they love to fight and kill and that is their in joy in the name of allah and yet talk about peace to allah and humanity. are they not ashame of themselves they better look for christ and change for the better.

  4. I would like to give Norwegians an advice in this dark hour that is mirror of their approach to Israel and its security.
    1. Negotiate with your local terror group.
    2. When negotiation will finish successfully: Nobel prize to everyone.
    3. Stop the occupation or other activity that annoyed your local terror group.
    Ta Da
    Peace now

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