Israeli Arabs do not want to become citizens of Islamic Arab Palestine

To rob East Jerusalem from Israel, is a political game sponsored by Damascus, London and Washington. But the Israeli Arabs do not want to join Obama, and place them selves under the yoke of Radical Islam and people who support terrorism.

It would be a crime to force this Muslim girl back under the joke of Radical Islam in Arab Palestine.

Arab and Jewish alike, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday that they have little faith that an Arab Palestinian statehood would materialize.

The PA have reportedly negotiated with several Western Powers, over the possibility of a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood. This state will try to re-occupy East Jerusalem as its capital, and annex the residents of East Jerusalem.

In August, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salaam Fayad made clear his intentions to build institutions and infrastructure that would accommodate a future Palestinian state. The prospect of a unilateral declaration of independence, which has reportedly been gaining international support, has also sent jitters through the halls of the Knesset.

But inside a small kiosk on the bustling Salah a-Din (Saladin) Street on Sunday, Hamed, a tour guide who asked that his real name not be used, told the Post that the primary concern in east Jerusalem was earning a living, and not necessarily a rush to statehood.

«It’s different for us», Hamed said. «Because we’re from east Jerusalem, we’re treated differently, even by other Palestinians. We have blue Israeli ID cards, when we travel abroad, we use Jordanian documents, and when we go into the West Bank, people think we’re spoiled – but we’re not. We are living with an isolated identity».

Regarding Fayad’s plan, Hamed said that while PA officials in Ramallah might be excited about its prospects, the east Jerusalem street wasn’t biting just yet.

«We have no faith in the Palestinian government anymore», he said. «Everyone knows that that they have no real power. When Fayad makes these kinds of declarations, honestly, people laugh».

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The Israeli Arabs do not want to have any other government in Jerusalem than the Government of Israel.

Why should they?

On every parameter, from Human rights, social security, democracy, legal issues, women rights and work prospects, the Zionist regime has a lot more to offer than any Arab country. Its like the difference between night and day.

What do the West think they can achieve by supporting an Islamic re-occupation of Jewish land?

The plan of re-occupation of Jewish land is sponsored by Saudi Arabia. The leaders in London and Washington have placed them self under the yoke of the «Saudi princes of oil and gas». The day Mecca close the tube, the lights goes of in Downing Street 10. What is going on is a modern day black mailing of Israel and the Jewish people.

To force Islamic rule on people who have been liberated from such evil, is a crime against humanity. Thats the real treat of a coming Apartheid regime in the Middle East.

First published: 10.11.2009.

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