65 per cent of Israelis do not believe in “Obamas peace”

65 per cent of Israelis do not believe the present “peace negotiations” will lead to peace in coming years.

Barack Hussein Obama desire to be branded a great man of peace. But few Israelis believe in him.

Tel Aviv University-Israel Democracy Institute regularly publish a “Peace Index”. The October survey shows that 69 per cent of Israelis favor peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

But the majority, 65 per cent, of the Israeli population do not believe the “peace talks” will lead to peace in the Middle East in “the coming years”.

The poll also found that 65 per cent support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand that the Palestinians should recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people as a condition for extending the building freeze in the settlements.

A majority of 72 per cent also agree with the statement:

“The Palestinians have not accepted the existence of the State of Israel and would destroy it if they could.” A similar margin of 67 per cent agree that this would remain true even if a peace agreement is signed.

Source: ICEJ.org

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