Egypt denies former British MP Galloway entry into Gaza

Former British MP George Galloway was rejected entry to Gaza by the Egyptian Government.

Former British MP Galloway embrace and support Islamic terrorism represented by Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.

Egyptian security forces refused to allow 17 members of a convoy of international activists from the Viva Palestina organization enter the Gaza Strip on Wednesday.

The “International activists”, included the organization’s leader, disgraced British MP George Galloway.

Others denied entry to Gaza included several members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Turkish IHH organization which was behind the ill-fated Mavi Marmara flotilla in May, and others who have taken part in violent confrontations with Egyptian and Israeli authorities in the past.

Galloway was ejected from Egypt and declared “persona non grata” there after a riot involving him and some of his followers near the Rafah crossing from Egyptian Sinai into the Gaza Strip during the “Lifeline Convoy 3” incident December 2009 – January 2010.

Several other members of Viva Palestina were also arrested during those riots

Source: ICEJ. org

My comment:

The most insane accusation against Israel, is that the Jewish state has made Gaza a “prison camp”.  That the Muslim Nation of Egypt has closed its borders with Gaza, is completely ignored.

When Egypt do open the borders with Gaza for a day or so, the reason is European pressure to allow Islamic terrorists in the Hamas free access to the Middle East.

The Egyptian Government do this “opening” as a Media stunt, to avoid Europe and the US curbing the flow of money into the pockets of corrupt leaders in the Muslim World.

This latest incident is another exposure. The systematic defamation of the state of Israel as a brutal “occupier” in Gaza, is nothing but lies and cheating on the Jewish state.

To the radical opposite of Egypt, the state of Israel do continue to feed an oppressive Islamic Government in Gaza with all its needs. Minus rocket fuel and arms materials that will be used to fire missiles towards Israel and kill innocent Jewish civilians.

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