Israeli PM Netanyahu: “Islamic terror is rising”

Two bombs from Yemen was sent to blow up and kill Jews in synagogues in the US city of Chicago.

Islamic terrorism is on the rise. From Iran towards Gaza, with support of UN, EU and the rulers in Washington. The is no end of funds in the hands of the wicked.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims mail bombs targeting U.S. synagogues proves Islamist terror is rising.

Netanyahu warned on Sunday that the discovery of two parcel bombs mailed from Yemen to Chicago-area synagogues indicated a rising wave of Islamist terrorist around the world.

“The fact is, it does not matter whether it’s an attack on a synagogue in Chicago, or a train station in Madrid, or London, or Mumbai, or Bali,” he told his cabinet at a weekly session in Jerusalem.

Source: Israeli daily Newspaper Haaretz.

My comment:

The bombs sent to cripple or kill Jews in Chicago was sent from Yemen. This Islamic state is one for the centers radical Islam can express their ideas of a “peaceful” conversion of of the World to Islam.

The bombs from this Islamic nation, was not meant to cripple and kill Arab Christians, not British members of Parliament. The children of the devil did again try to destroy some of God of the Bibles chosen people, eternally elected by Him to represent the truth of a living God.

Christians of all colors are called to support and protect our Jewish brethren. We will one day become one people in Jesus the Messiah, and live in the eternal Kingdom of Heaven with the Jewish Messiah from Nazareth in Zion.

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