“Catholic criticize Israel because doing so with Islam is so dangerous”

“If we do not support Islam, we put Christian life’s in the Middle East in danger”.This is the logic of Monsignor Robert Stern, who defend the Catholic synod attacks on the state of Israel.

Monsignor Robert Stern (left) in Syria, an Islamic nation Catholic priests visit and support to avoid "Islamic attacks" on Catholics in the Middle East.

Lets read what the Roman Catholic News Agency (CNA) writes about Monsignor Robert Sterns remarks.

The Synod for the Middle East, a historic gathering of the region’s bishops, concluded October 24, amid controversy over alleged bias in its concluding message. One expert on the region told CNA that the document reflected pastoral needs, not a political agenda.

The bishops’ concluding “Message to the People of God” criticized Israel in detail, but omitted most of the criticisms made against Islamic governments during the synod. Some observers took remarks about using religion to “justify injustices” as a blanket rebuke of Israel, a charge participants denied.

Shortly after his return from Rome, synod participant Monsignor Robert Stern, secretary general of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association. He spoke with CNA about some of the considerations that shaped the synod’s concluding message.

“The synod really didn’t have a political focus at all,” Msgr. Stern said, recalling that its main purposes were to strengthen bonds between diverse groups of Catholics, and to ensure a continuing Middle Eastern Christian presence and witness.

As such, he said, the synod’s final message did not contain “the same degree of detail about every situation where Christians have difficulties in the Middle East.” Rather, he said, the message reflected “two major concerns” that took priority as “the more compelling matters,” Palestine and Iraq. Migration has greatly diminished both regions’ Christian populations in recent years.

In this context, he said, the bishops’ choices of emphasis and restraint –which could appear to focus on Israel’s treatment of Palestine, while treading lightly with Islamic regimes– should not be interpreted as political statements, but as expressions of their pastoral priorities, and suggestions toward peace.

“They did list out several of the issues that are raised by (Muslim and Christian) Palestinians,” the monsignor said, noting that all of the specific criticisms of Israel were ongoing “issues of concern for the Christians who live in Palestine.” The synod fathers, he recalled, “also mentioned being conscious of the suffering and insecurity in which Israelis live” because of violence from some Palestinians.

Monsignor Stern also acknowledged that fear for the safety of Christians in some Muslim countries may have prompted the synod fathers to moderate their comments. This was, he said, a “prudential judgment,” since Christians throughout the region can suffer consequences of their leaders’ remarks.

Source: CNA.

My comment:

Jesus the Messiah warned us that there would be both hypocrites and fakes among the “brethren”.

Paul the Jewish apostle explained that he had been in danger among false brothers.

The explanation given by Monsignor Robert Stern after the Catholic Bishop synod in the Middle East, proves that this warning fits perfectly on the Roman Catholic Church.

Rome is so sacred of telling the truth about Islam, that they rather side with the devil in the Islamic attacks on Israel. This kind of statements do not only expose the pathetic conditions inside such forums made by Papal Bishops. Its a sign that the devil seems to sitting on both sides of the table.

As a follower of Jesus you are not supposed to accept this kind of fake and falsehood. Get our of this wicked groups of people, if you want to live in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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