US Nuclear Missiles in danger of being hacked

A series of computer errors took 50 US nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles offline.

President Obama can order a nuclear attack from a submarine using his black suitcase.

10 per cent of the US intercontinental ballistic missiles whet off stockpile for one hour on Saturday. The reason: Computer errors.

Engineers believe that the outage at F.E. Warren Air Force Base was caused by a hardware failure in a launch control computer rather than a power failure as had been previously reported, according to a defense official with knowledge of the situation.

Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was immediately briefed about the incident Saturday. He in turn told Defense Secretary Robert Gates. President Obama

According to an administration official, at no time did the president’s ability to launch missiles decrease should that have been necessary.

A military official said that the failure triggered an emergency protocol and sentries were dispatched to verify in person that all of the missiles were safe and properly protected.

The military does not believe the incident was sabotage.

Source: CBS News.

My comment:

President Obama has a black suitcase with Him, wherever he travels. From this suitcase, the Commander in Chief can launch the arsenal of US Nuclear missiles.

But how safe are the Nuclear missiles, in this digital World of hackers?

What if Islamic Hackers managed to overrule the “safe” systems of the Pentagon?

A nuclear missile sent in the wrong direction, can trigger a nuclear war and bring the very end to the World. Just like the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad longing to see. The end of the World, will bring the hidden 12th Imam back.

Where do Radical Islamists in US want to see an American nuclear bomb explode?

Obviously high above the skies of Tel Aviv.  Another one above Washington would also be desirable.  But to nuke the capital of the US with a US nuke, you do not need to go balistic and intercontinental.

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  1. God will not allow Israel to be hurt, neither the US. But a few nuclear bombs will not destroy the earth, we already had two in Japan plus few more testing ones plus few from India and Pakistan and Russia and China and the earth is still here. Bible predicts that Iran (the two horned smaller beast) WILL get the nuclear bomb. But will use it against the sunnis Saudia Arabia not agains US nor Israel, they are not that stupid! Most vulnerable and hated by them are the Sunnis than the Jews. Oh Yes, the false Prophet is the 12th Imam = “Mohammed incarnated”

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