New Islamic state around Jerusalem to be ruled by Sharia law

73 per cent of Arab Palestinians wants to live under Sharia Law, partly or fully.

The leadership in Hamas and al-Fatah prayed together, before the Muslim civil war started between them.

A newly published public opinion poll shows that young Palestinian Arabs think their corruption-ridden government is doing just fine, but would prefer to see it transformed into an Islamic dictatorship.

Conducted by the Palestinian Center for Research and Cultural Dialogue, the poll asked 1,000 Palestinian Arabs between the ages of 18 and 30 to rate the performance of the Palestinian democracy, such as it is. Seventy-one percent evaluated Palestinian democracy as either “good” or “average,” and an equal number said they were satisfied with the human rights situation in Palestinian-controlled areas.

Most of the liberal Israeli and international media stopped there with their coverage. What they left out is the following:

•    62 percent of Palestinian youth believe bribery and corruption are prevalent in their society and see those practices as an effective way of getting what they want.

•    Less than half (47.2 percent) said they want the Palestinian Authority to remain a democracy.

•    45.3 percent said they want the Palestinian Authority to become an Islamic regime of one form or another.

•    73 percent said that whatever form the Palestinian government takes, it should be either wholly or partially ruled by Sharia Law. Only 22.9 percent voted for a purely civil law.

•    The nation chosen as the best ally to the Palestinians with 18.7 percent of the vote was Iran. Only 2.3 percent said the US is the Palestinians’ best ally.

•    59 percent said they are in favor of Iran possessing nuclear weapons.

•    A 34.7 percent plurality want to see all of Israel, Judea, Samaria and Gaza become an Islamic state.

Considering the age range of the respondents, the survey’s results are further evidence that the Palestinian Authority has utterly failed to honor its commitment to educate its population for peaceful coexistence with Israel and to become a free, civil and openly democratic society. Instead, the ill-advised “Oslo” peace process has actually created an increase in the number of young Palestinian Arabs who are becoming radicalized Muslims.

Source: Israeli magazine, Israel Today.

My comment:

The UN, the EU and the US do not want to talk about the possibility that they have used billions to build another Islamic republic in the heart of the Middle East.

When will this taboo be broken, and our politicians willing to face the truth?

The funds have been used by Islamic terrorists like Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas.  When your tax many have been use to build schools, the Islamic textbooks includes Holocaust denial, and rejection of any Jewish historical links to the “Holy land”.  The youth have been told to hate the Jews, and look at Jihad as the purpose of their life. They are ready to cripple and kill for “allah”.  To live under Sharia law is a calling by true followers of Islam, that promise to support the “good work” to destroy the state of Israel.

This is the truth.

One thought on “New Islamic state around Jerusalem to be ruled by Sharia law

  1. “When will the government face the truth?” Which government, Democrats or Republicans? Republicans had ALREADY seen the truth, but the liberals are still on denial.

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