Rabbis: “Pope must rebuke anti-Zionist Catholic Bishop”

The Pope is urged to denounce archbishop’s ‘political stunt. This is a demand from ‘Rabbi Marvin Hier.

The present Pope got a hero's welcome when he visted Israel in 2009.

Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper are the dean and founder and associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

They have requested the Pope to renounced Jew-hate expressed by Melkite Catholic Archbishop Cyrille Salim Bustros at a Vatican Synod on the Middle East. Bishop Bustros denied the Jewish people’s link to the Land of Israel.

‪‪Jewish groups call on Benedict XVI to condemn remarks denying Jews’ link to Land of Israel. ‘These latest moves will damage interfaith relations and embolden anti-Semites and terrorists,’ Simon Wiesenthal Center says‬‬

The archbishop asserted:

“We Christians cannot speak about the promised land for the Jewish people. There is no longer a chosen people. All men and women of all countries have become the chosen people. The concept of the promised land cannot be used as a base for the justification of the return of Jews to Israel and the displacement of Palestinians.”

This political stunt, wrapped in theological garb, not only insults every Jew but flies in the face of the statements and actions of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, both who have visited Israel and expressed solidarity with her people,” charged Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper. The two Jewish leader have had audiences with both Pontiffs.

Jewish Rabbi Marvin Hier

“These developments demand immediate action by the Pope. Hopes for peace in the Middle East will only come when both sides recognize the rights of the others. These latest moves, left unchallenged, will damage interfaith relations and embolden anti-Semites and terrorists,” they concluded.

Source: Ynetnews.com

My comment:

Rabbis Marvin Hier request to the Pope, reminds me about Martin Luther’s requests to Pope Leo X.  Luther was convinced that the Bishops and Cardinals in Germany were evil men. But in his fist complaint letter to Rome, Luther addressed the Pope as the “Holy Father”.

Luther got a shock when he realized that Rome and the Pontiff him self was the center of the very church of antichrist.

If the Jews do not want to understand this, they will walk right into the final deception. To brand “Catholics” as Christians is an insult to the Jewish Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth.

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