Hamas claims all nations will join their final assault on Israel

“We will ‪‪seize Israeli cities with help of ‘armies from all around the world”.

Hamas Minister Fathi Hamad place another corner stone for a school in Gaza.

Fathi Hamas, Gaza’s interior minister, visits Khan Younis University and threatens to seize Israeli cities with help of ‘armies from all around the world.’ ‬‬Israelis and Americans won’t be satisfied with any concessions, he says in message to Palestinian President Abbas‬‬

As Israel and the Palestinians attempt to renew direct peace talks launched last week, Hamas continues its declarations of war: The Hamas government’s interior minister in Gaza, Fathi Hamad, said Monday that the Palestinians “will reoccupy Haifa and Akko.”

Speaking during a visit to a university in the town of Khan Younis, Hamad addressed the Israeli operation in Gaza, saying that “the Zionist enemy is still hurting the defeat in the war and preparing for another round in an attempt to destroy the Palestinian resistance.”

Hamad mentioned the threats to sue Israeli officials worldwide. “The commanders are afraid to travel to many countries,” he said.

Turning to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Hamad said:

“We are coming to occupy Haifa and Akko. We’ll have armies from all around the world, and the convoys arriving in Gaza are carrying a message to our people, saying that we must stick to the path of jihad. The enemy is trying to impose a siege on us, but they are the ones under a siege and behind fences.”

Source: Ynetnews.com

My comment:

Fathi Hamad gets millions of dollars to build schools, to educate children to hate, criple and kill Jews.

On Sunday thousands of claimed to be Christians in Norway gave money to a Norwegian NGO who support the ongoing Jihad against the Jewish state.

If you are not willing to call Replacement Theology a complete falsehood in the name of “Jesus”, you will surely end up being judged the day Lord Jesus returns.

Because it is not enough to say “Halleluja” and “praise the Lord”. Jesus has warned us that evil doers and people who do not do the will of our Father in Heaven, will not enter the final place of rest.

The prophet Joel warns us that divining the land of Israel, will place Muslims, Catholics and false Christians of different colors and creeds under a curse. A curse they have placed on their own head, by making Father God their enemy.

Supporting “social work” and “good deeds” of the Hamas, is nothing but wickedness. Radical Islam do build schools in Gaza.  Such schools are used to train the Arab youth to become Holocaust deniers and Jew haters. There is a systematic FN, EU and US sponsored hate campaign against the Jewish people in Gaza.

Your tax money is used to build the next generation of Islamic Jihad soldiers, that one day might come a blow up your own house, and kill your family in the name of “allah”. More than 100.000 children in Gaza has participated in sumer caps and school program for this kind of Islam war on democracy and freedom.

Shame on you who are not willing to listen, but let fear of man and society stop you from standing up for the truth.

Joel 3:2
I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will enter into judgment against them concerning my inheritance, my people Israel, for they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.

Please read, and make up you mind if you are going to follow this false “peace movement” the whole way into the burning flames of Hell.

Please repent. If not, you will surely perish.

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