Norwegian Churches funds systematic Jew hate

The Norwegians gave 30 million US dollar to a Norwegian NGO who support “social work” done by Hamas in Gaza. Multiple Churches in Norway collected money.

Secretary General Elisabeth Rasmusson in the Norwegian NGO Flyktnigehjelpen.

“Christians” in Norway on Sunday gave 200 million NOK to the Norwegian NGO “Flyktningehjelpen”. This Norwegian refugee aid collector is one of the main sponsors of anti-Jewish propaganda made by radical Islam.

Lets read from a website with information about this NGO:

“We will help refugees in seven countries. Among the hardest hit are people in the occupied Palestinian areas”.

This Norwegian NGO proclaim it will use the collected money to build new schools in Gaza. The Norwegians present the Israeli army as blood thirsty murders. This is a recorded testimony from their website, claimed to be from the war zone in Gaza.

” Her fire year old child was also dead. His body was naked, and at his chest there was two holes of bullets. Ahmad was killed together with his father. Shot when the Israeli invasion forces raided their house during their breakfast, one morning during the Gaza war in December 2008 and January 2009″

“The soldiers claimed someone had opened fire from their house. The Israelis pelleted the house with heavy artillery fire before the soldiers raided, explains Zinat, who was pregnant. They all shouted in Hebrew that there were children in the house, but the Israeli soldiers continued to fire their guns”

“With a meek voice, Zinat explains how the Israeli special forces fired towards all the moved inside the house. In front of the children, their father was shot in the head”.

“The nightmare was not over. Israeli bulldozers came and destroyed the full house”.

(end of article).

Source: Coverage of this NGO by a Norwegian Labor Union News site.

My comment:

Are the people of Gaza refugees?

If so, which nation is their home land?

Should refugee money be used inside a Islamic brutal dictatorship, that is as cleansed of Jews as Nazi-Germany?

This Norwegian NGO has published Radical Islamic propaganda against the state of Israel. There is hardly any difference between Norwegian state sponsored press releases on Israel, and messages from al-Quada and Iran.

The Islamic war on Israel uses the same propaganda methods as Nazi-Germany did. Norwegians who gave money to this NGO during the TV-sponsored collection on Sunday, could likewise have given money to the collectors of funds for social work done by Adolf Hitler.

The result would be the same. The funds are uses to spread Jew-hate, and build infrastructure that will be used for the purpose of destroying the Jewish state.

Hamas has a record of launching rocket fire towards Israel from mosques, kinder gardens and schools. Now money collected, even in Churches in Norway, will be used to finance Jihad and Islamic terrorism.

Christians who give money to NGO’s who support Jew-hate and spread Nazi inspired propaganda against the state of Israel, do sin. They might not have given money collected for TV-programs like “Gossip girl”. But the antisemitic gossipers they support by giving to an NGO like “Flyktningehjelpen” is much worse. It would be better if they had burned their money in the fire. Because by supporting such “NGO’s” they harm the work done by God of Israel.

Read more about the IDF operation Cast lead in Gaza.

2 thoughts on “Norwegian Churches funds systematic Jew hate

  1. I would like to apply to you to assist me to get sponsorship.I would like to study a bible school here in UGANDA.As a poor refugee do not have any possibility.
    Can your service assist me for this?

    I need also to be assisted to get rent and school fees for my children.Our God will not miss to bless you and is an opportunity to get answer for your prayers if you accept to assist me,I suffer much.

    God bless you.

  2. Those who allow their consciences seared and are against G-d’s clear word of HIS love for His Chosen word, G=d says they do not have HIS Spirit. In Genesis 12:3 HE tells us from the beginning who He blesses and curses. The fake churches like to steal the covenant for Israel and their promises from G-d and throw back the ones they don’t like. G-d says when it looks like Israel will be taken and destroyed, that HE will roar thru ZIon and all Israel will be saved. HE will make a grave yard on the sea, kill the enemies there and then chase the rest home to their countries , killing them on the way and follow them into their homes an kill the men, women and children and the ox. How anyone can not believe G-d over men is beyond me much less appreciate how Israel has blessed the world and will rule from Jerusalem forever and ever ..Does the church even read G-d’s word anymore..send them to Romans 9 – ten and 11 and see what G-d tells us thru Paul..G-d bless Israel and the Jewish people who I will stand forever with, they are my heart and the heart of G-d..Shalom

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