Salam Fayad refuse to accept two state solution

PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad works for the end of the Jewish statehood in the Middle East.

US Vice President Joe Biden is a strong supporter of the fascist regime of Salam Fayyad.

With the Israeli-Palestinian peace process once more sadly hanging by a thread, too few have acknowledged that the Palestinians have quietly been allowed to regress from the conventional positions, many of which they formerly accepted, that are essential for any peace process.

For example, the murder of four Israelis by Palestinian terrorists on 31 August, on the eve of negotiations, did not induce Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, to withdraw from peace talks. Yet the construction of a few apartments in Judea and Samaria, also known as the West Bank, has been viewed by many as a justifiable excuse for the Palestinians to walk out.

At a recent Palestinian Donors’ Conference at the UN, PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad could not even agree to insert the words “two states for two peoples” in the text of the conference summary. This standard formula was deemed unacceptable to the most moderate elements of the PA. If the Palestinian leadership has still not come to terms with the enduring existence of Israel as a Jewish state, everything else is hollow. The writer is Israel’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Source: Danny Ayalon in The Guardian.

My comment:

Salam Fayyad is in all reasonable terms a fascist leader.  He has never been elected by the people, and the state he runs are funded by politicians like Joe Biden.

The PA government in Ramallah has no popular support. The term of the the government expired in 2009, and the Fatah government even lost the election in Gaza. The PA Leadership is a puppet in the hand of Washington, who tries to please the princes in the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

If men like Biden are not able to force Israel to make “peace” with a man like Fayyad, the Saudi Kingdom might stop financing the budget deficit in the US. The Saudis, the Arab Palestinian and the US leadership are sailing in the same ship. Their enemy if God of the Bible, and Zionist Jews who correctly claim that the Mountains in Zions belong to the Jewish people.  The true Jews are the “road block” that delay the implementation of the  “road map to peace”, that will secure the continuation of the US-Saudi hegemony and control over the energy market that feeds America.

This is the truth.

Hock or by crock they will force Israel to surrender Zionism, and apply a false peace plan in the Middle East. Than the final antichrist shall come and rule from Jerusalem.  But behold. Jesus of Nazareth, The Messiah,  is coming back and bring an end to this man of lawlessness, and all who has supported this falsehood.

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