Lusanne Movement lukewarm in relations with Israel

Mainline Christians have great difficulties uttering any word of support for the state of Israel. Billy Graham tried to merge political correctness and faith.

Billy Graham was more intrested in supporting the Bush family, than supporting the state of Israel.

There is a systematic lack of support for Israel in hundreds of so-called mainline Churches around the Globe.

The reason for this systematic error, is pastors, priest and leaders not willing to accept a Jesus who will fulfill the Prophetic Word, and stand with eternal promises to the Jewish people. The eternal covenant in regards to the Mountains of Zion, is either misunderstood, transported to the Church, or completely ignored.

The Lusanne Movement (LM) makes no difference in this regards. In the Mission strategy document, there is no clear message that the state of Israel, including the whole city of Jerusalem, and the district of Judea and Samaria are belongings of the Jewish people.

The LM take the political correct stand, and do please United Nation with their theology and mission strategy.

Lets take a look at the policy documents.

D. Covenant

“It is necessary for the church to affirm that it is an elect people and that unity in and with Christ is open to both Jew and Gentile through faith and baptism (Galatians 3:27,28). But there remains the question of the present standing of the Jewish people as a nation before God. There is an attitude among many Christians that the Jews as a people no longer have a part in God’s plan since Israel’s prerogatives have passed in toto to the church”.

The Promised land of Jews and Arabs:

” We recognize that the Promised Land is the home of both Jew and Arab. We lament the continued tension between the Israeli and Palestinian people. We are conscious that God loves both Jew and Arab, and we look together to God for a just solution to the present tension”.
” However, we do see the return of the Jews to the land and to their life in Israel as a sign of God’s faithfulness. In our conversations, this can lead to a focus on his love in Christ. At the same time we ask our Christian sisters and brothers to avoid seeing the fulfillment of prophecies in every event in the State of Israel so that we miss the centrality of the crucified and resurrected Christ in our evangelistic approach”.

Jews: Ancient people of God.

” We therefore call upon the church to denounce the hostile expressions against God’s ancient people in the writings of the church fathers and to declare forthrightly that what is anti-Semitic is anti-biblical”.

Land: Cultural identify of the Jews.

“The question of the land cannot be ignored. It is a constituent element in the cultural identity of the people. No doubt it poses many difficult questions, but at a minimum, the church must affirm the nature of this divine gift (cf., Genesis 10, Amos 9:7f.) and its perpetuity and endeavour to contribute to the solution of the Israeli-Palestinian problem”.

My comment:

To reduce the Jewish homeland to a part of the “cultural Jewish identity”, is not a support of Biblical Zionism.  The regathering of the Jewish people is presented as an interesting cultural and political event, that needs our party support. But the state of Israel is of no important Biblical significance, that should lead Christians to stand together with the Jewish people in their spiritual war against the false religion of Islam.

Read more about Billy Graham’s views on Israel.

3 thoughts on “Lusanne Movement lukewarm in relations with Israel

  1. Former President Bush can’t wait for a one world govt. He praised the UN and said many times how wonderful it will be when the world order is here.

    1. There are alot more articles and views being published now more than ever of this one world order. I feel even now, that it is under way, which only makes us closer to the coming of Jesus Christ.

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