United Kingdom pressures Europe to boycott Jerusalem OECD meet

United Kingdom and the Arab League has urged European countries to boycott an OECD conference on Tourism in Jerusalem.

Tony Blair and Amr Moussa agree than the World needs to put more pressure on Israel.

The Tourism conference is scheduled for this week after the UK and Turkey already announced they will not send a delegation.

According to an Arab League statement:

“Israel takes advantage of such events to try to convince public opinion there has been a favorable response to its ideas that are hostile to peace and to its practices which pose a real obstacle to peace.”

The protest comes after Israel’s minister of tourism Stas Misezhnikov said “that the choice to hold the conference in Jerusalem means that it (OECD) recognizes the city as the capital of Israel.”

Source: ICEJ.org

My comment:

All Christians who love Israel should consider to boycott London. The capital of United Kingdom is an epicenter of Jew-hate and antisemitism in Europe.

Do not support England, but rather spend you holiday money in Israel.

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