Israel to trade mountians in Zion for peace in Tel Aviv

Israel’s UN ambassador Meron Reuben confirms that Jews will leave the area set aside for a “Palestinian state”.

Mayor Juan Pablo Díaz in the Colombian city of Samario. (Samaria) gives Israeli Ambassador the Papal key to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Meron Reuben was israeli Ambassador in Colombia, before He was appointed UN Ambassador for the Jewish state.

To the French News Agency AFP, Reuben confirms that Israel is ready to trade Zionism, for a deal that will bring peace to Tel Aviv and “FN approvable Israel”.

“The only way to stop settlements is to come to an agreement….If the Palestinians set up a Palestinian state in a demarcated area, then I presume the settlements in that area would definitely stop.”, explains Reuben.

The UN Ambassador claims the Arab Palestinians have put up their own obstacle.

“The other side is only looking for pretexts to put obstacles in the road, because they were never an obstacle in the road” in the past. “They were not an obstacle when we dealt with the Palestinians year-in and year-out since 1993.”

Source: AFP

My comment:

The decision to make Meron Reuben UN Ambassador was controversial. He has only been the Israeli Representative in a Third World Country, before He shifted to New York.

Reuben confirms that secular Jews are no longer interested in defending the Jewish Biblical faith, that the Mountains in Zion belongs to the Jewish people.

Men like Reuben is willing to trade Jewish settlements in the Biblical heartland of Israel, for a peaceful meal at a restaurant in Tel Aviv or Haifa.

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