Italy ban Star of David at Tottenham soccer match

Tottenham Hotspur SC says on website that Italian police will not allow flags with Star of David at European Championship game in Milan.

Italian Police protect Islamic terrorists, and attacks supporters of Israel.

Fans of the English soccer club Tottenham Hotspur SC are being told not to bring any flags with the Jewish Star of David on it if they plan to cheer their team on in its European championship game on Thursday in Milan, Italy.

The soccer club, which has a large Jewish following, posted on its website about the upcoming game in Italy: “police authorities have advised that those flags showing the Star of David will not be allowed access and may be confiscated. Please respect this request.”

The club reportedly consulted with Italian police before the decision was made on banning the flags.

The club’s management said that the policy of not allowing flags with political or religious messages is already known and accepted by most fans.

The Israeli flag shows a blue star of David on a white background.

Source: Israeli Newspaper Haaretz

My comment:

Many Churches do have Israeli flags. But there might come a day, when the Bishops will send out a fatwa, and demand a quick removal.

That the State of Italy do not want to see Israeli flags, is another example of the anti-Jewish sentiment of our days.

The Italian government is not offended by seeing the Union Jack. Neither will any Roman Catholic take offense by seeing the English flag on a football stadium.

Nazi-Germany started the season of the Holocaust, by removing anything Jewish from public life. Italy do have a fascist past. And even the present Government seems to walk in the footstep of Mussolini and Hitler.

Italy made a secret deal with radical Islam some years ago. They allowed Islamic terrorist use Italian soil for training, in return for a promises of not attacking Italy with suicide bombers. To avoid more trouble, any support for anything Israeli will have to be hidden away from the public.

Read more about this black chapter of Italian modern history.

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