PLO chief: We will recognize Israel in return for 1967 borders

Yasser Abed Rabbo says that in exchange for accepting Palestinian territorial claims, it will recognize Israel as ‘whatever it wants.

PLO leader Abed Rabbo is ready to recognize Israel in exchange for the mountains of Zion and East Jerusalem. The victory seems to be within range for the Islamic forces.



Senior Palestine Liberation Organization official Yasser Abed Rabbo said on Wednesday that the Palestinians will be willing to recognize the State of Israel in any way that it desires, if the Americans would only present a map of the future Palestinian state that includes all of the territories captured in 1967, including East Jerusalem.

In response to U.S. State Department Spokesman Phillip Crowley’s statement on Tuesday night that the Palestinians should respond to the Israeli demand, Abed Rabbo told Haaretz:

“We want to receive a map of the State of Israel which Israel wants us to accept.”

“If the map will be based on the 1967 borders and will not include our land, our houses and East Jerusalem, we will be willing to recognize Israel according to the formulation of the government within the hour,” added Rabbo.

Abed Rabbo continued:

“It is important for us to know where are the borders of Israel and where are the borders of Palestine. Any formulation the Americans present – even asking us to call Israel the ‘Chinese State’ – we will agree to it, as long as we receive the 1967 borders. We have recognized Israel in the past, but Israel has not recognized the Palestinian state.”

Source:  Israeli Daily Haaretz.

My reply:

Two days ago, Benjamin Netayahu was willing to trade Zionism for a FN suggested border for the state of Israel.

Today, a central PLO leader has acceped the offer.

The problem for Netanyahu, is that it will be difficult to put the genie back inside the bottle.

When you give up your Biblical Jewish faith and surrender to Islamic political demands, you will be caught in a political game.

And the end game will bring a false peace up on the Jewish people.

True Bible believers will anyhow rejoice. The false peace has to come, and bring the final antichrist on stage in Jerusalem. First after his appearance and rule, the true Messiah will return.

The Jews will be deceived by their own political leaders, and they will all be trapped.

But thanks to Jesus, all who believe in Him will be a part of the final victory.  The day He returns, all of Israel shall be saved. Amen.

One thought on “PLO chief: We will recognize Israel in return for 1967 borders

  1. It’s getting closer. The stage is being set for the peace treaty that will not bring peace. The Israeli government is showing a willingness to make the compromises that the Man of Lawlessness will take advantage of to deceive and try to destroy Israel. He will fail for the Lord has kept for himself a remnant. Lord, come quickly.

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