EL Al cancels flights from Nigeria due to security concerns

Israel has decided to cancel Nigerian flights due to fears that the aircraft will become terror targets.

Israeli airliner El Al pulls out of Nigeria due to terrorist threats.

The security ban applies to all Israeli airlines. The original plan was for El Al to cooperate with and carry out flights for the Nigerian firm TAT.

The symbols of the airline were to be removed from the planes, along with the code for the Israeli airline and all other items that would have revealed the EL AL identity of the flight.

These types of “secret” flights, which are common within the airline industry, go by the name of “wet leasing” and have been carried out by Nigeria in the past in cooperation with the charter line Israir. The plan, which now has been stopped by terror threats, was to carry out 20 flights with some 10,000-12,000 pilgrims from different airports within Nigeria direct to Ben-Gurion International Airport.


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