Islamic media use kids to frame Israeli settler

The Jewish settler runs down a kid. The boy is a victim anti-Jewish Nazi-propaganda made up by Arab media.

Look at this video. It is a brilliant example of the use of children in the Islamic propaganda war against Israel.

A Jewish settler is cornered by stone throwing Arab Palestinian youth, and a car is blocking his possibility of reversing.

Four media photographers have been called to the site in advance, to cover the media stunt.

The Jewish settler is trapped, and has no other option than to drive over a Arab Palestinian boy.

Pay also attention to the media personnel. They are only occupied by the idea of getting a good story. Only after the pictures have been shoot, they finally pay attention to the hurt boy on the ground.

Hitler Jugend and Nazi-media could not have made up a better story to inflame more global Jew hate.

One thought on “Islamic media use kids to frame Israeli settler

  1. That is horrible! These kids who seem to be a little older than my son, are wearing masks and throwing rocks at someone that could possibly kill them. They are in the way of a car, in the way chasing after the car, and blocking the car, yet all cameras center on the child that fell.

    Where are the parents of these children? Wait! Don’t answer that. I already know 😦

    Sad…Sad indeed.

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