Americans distrust Obama on Israel and Security

Almost half of Americans believe Obama’s “outreach” to the Muslim Worlds decreased the security of the US.

A Pakistani watch on TV the speach Obamas held in Cairo on June 4th 2009.

The Emergency Committee for Israel recently polled 1,000 likely Americans and the results show a growing divide between Americans and the policies of the Obama Administration:

Some highlights from the poll:

47 per cent believe that Obama’s outreach to Muslim world has decreased American security. 33% say it has increased security.

51 per cent said that Israel’s enemies are America’s enemies. 38% disagree

51 per cent believe Jerusalem should remain undivided capital of Israel, only 20 per cent disagree.

26 per cent say the creation of a Palestinian State will increase terrorism against Israel. 19% say it will decrease.

22-16 say anti-American sentiment will increase with the creation of a Palestinian State.

81 per cent believe that enemies of the United States use the Israel-Palestinian conflict as an excuse for being anti-American.

Nearly 60 per cent disagree that Israeli policies create terrorists.

76 per cent say the United States can not be safe with a nuclear Iran.

79 per cent say that Obama will fail to stop Iran from going nuclear.

Clearly the American people are strong supporters of Israel and for a robust effort to stop Iran. Read the whole poll here.

Source:  One Jerusalem.

Link to the poll.

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