Columnist: “Jew Street” lobby headed by a serial liar

Jeremy Ben Ami has been exposed as an outright serial liar in regards to funding from George Soros.

There is more than enough wickedness within the secular Jewish community in the diaspora, represented by Jeremy Ben Ami,

Two years ago, when I first condemned J Street’s anti-Israeli agenda, I tagged George Soros, the billionaire Hungarian born currency speculator, as one of its major sponsors.

Yet J-Street founder and executive director Jeremy Ben Ami, on repeated occasions, adamantly denied this.
He even said that he wished that Soros was a funder adding that “we got tagged as having his support without the benefit of actually getting funded.”

It has now been disclosed that some $750,000, amounting to almost a third of J-Street’s 2008-2009 US revenue, was provided by Soros.
After being exposed as an outright serial liar, Ben-Ami tried to weasel his way out of his shameful behavior by “accepting responsibility for being less than clear” about J-Street funding.

In fact Soros and J-Street make a perfect match. Soros has proudly proclaimed “I am not a Zionist, nor am I a practicing Jew.” He believes that Israel is largely responsible for anti-Semitism.

Much of his venom is concentrated on AIPAC, and he has consistently been attacking all-pro Israeli institutions. He also calls for the recognition of Hamas. His “Open Society Institute” pours vast funds into organizations whose prime objective is to undermine elected governments of Israel.

Only last month ago, he contributed a record $100 million towards Human Rights Watch, the purportedly human rights watchdog, which no longer bothers to disguise its blatant bias and hostility towards Israel.

Source: OP-ED in Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

When claimed to be “Jews” attack the state of Israel, we are approaching the Zenit of deception. Because the state of Israel is the greatest miracle of our modern times, that proves there is a living God, and a final destination in heaven or hell.

George Soros.

Secular Jews are not willing to face the consequence of their “Jewishness”. In millions they refuse to return to Zion. And even worse. Many false Jewish brethren do even mock God of the Bible, by joining the enemies of Zionism.

God of Israel has never let any wicked Jew escape Judgment for becoming an enemy of Zion.

When God of the Bible took all the Hebrews out of Egypt, they all were wandering around in the Sinai desert for 40 years. There are still men like George Soros who prefer the Jews to be sent into another exile, just to prove there is no living and eternal God of Israel.

That would become his perfect defense of anti-Zionism, and a self righteous acceptance of a life in sin, with love of money as the root of all kinds of evil.

Like Judas, turbo capitalist Gerorge Soros and Jew Street is willing to sell out their Zionist brethren for 30 silver coins.

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