Vatican and days of Fascism: # 4

Did any Fascist leader rise to power by a popular wave in a non-Catholic nation who had broken away from the Pope of Rome?

Adolf Hitler with his Norwegian Nazi-puppet, Vidkun Quisling.

The answer is none. Not even one. The protestant Quislings and leader of Nazi-Puppet regimes were all executed. The Catholic heads of state that supported Hitler, all continued in their seats of power. Like General Franco in Spain. Soon you will see articles about Catholic Military dictators of Latin America.

The nations who defeated Fascism were Christian nations that had left the Roman Catholic Church during the Reformation, or stayed outside of Papal control. First and foremost United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia. Not to forget in union with Communist Russia, who was assaulted by their Nazi-allies in the summer of 1941.

If these nations had remained inside the Papal system: Could these nations ever have been able to defeat Fascism?

World control in a «Holy Roman Empire» has always been the dream of «Pontifex Maximus», the Pope in Rome.

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