Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan told to be “wild animals” for viking gods

Norway NATO-battalion in Afghanistan exposes mix of Viking and Nazi army culture.

Norwegian PM Jens Stotenberg comes to Afghanistan in his suit once in a blue moon, to hail his vikting neo-Nazi soldiers.

The Norwegian colonel shouts ” To Wallhalla”. This is the pagan Heaven in Norwegian mythology.

The Norwegian battalion of elite soldiers serving in Afghanistan, has a leadership what worship the old pagan gods of Norwegian religious mythology.

The emblem of the Norwegian soldiers. The true vikings of pagan gods.

A video published in the biggest tabloids in Norway, exposes the commanding officer of the battalion to move forwards towards “Wallhalla”. That is the name for the pagan Heaven, the Vikings had to kill and rape to enter.

The commanding officers tells his elite soldiers that they have to behave like wild animals. The Tailiban is the dead they are expected to catch and kill.

The Norwegian “Telemark battalion” is also known to be a fly paper on Norwegian youth with neo-Nazi desires. A published soldier video from the frontiers exposes that they have done the right choice. In Afghanistan they are under a leadership who let them live out their deep desire to rape and kill. The bill will be paid by the Norwegian government, using the money you pay as tax.

Source: Norwegian daily Dagbladet (video)

5 thoughts on “Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan told to be “wild animals” for viking gods

  1. A might bit mis-lead. Some Vikings would slay these dogs and put their heads on a spikes. they stole women and killed the men, or used them as slaves.

  2. Im an icelandic pagan, or just a norse as I call all nordic people, vikings did not have to rape and kill to enter Valhöll, one way was to die in battle, the other to live a hounorable life and under Óðins word. Your kind will not see many more days socialist, we are coming for you.

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