Christian TV-anchor in Norway had to remove cancer and kidney

– The cancer was a result of my earlier life in sin.

Jan Hanvold use and defend false Word of Faith preacher Thurman Scrivner.

This is the explanation by Jan Hanvold, the TV-anchor of Vision Norge. As editor of this Christian TV channel  Hanvold has let American Faith healer Thurman Scrivner preach.

Scrivner preach that children are born handicapped because of the sin of the parent’s, and that its possible to live a life without getting sick.

Hanvold is not ready to rebuke Scrivner. Because they have both been educated and anointed in Tulsa Oklahoma, at Oral Roberts “Word of faith” University.

Hanvold tries to defend Scrivner.
“Sin is to miss the target.  When a smoker, get lung cancer, it is a result of sin. It is even written on the cigarette package that is dangerous to smoke. When a drug addict get a disabled child, its because of this sin”, explains Hanvold.

About his own cancer, Hanvold has the following explanation.
“I had to remove the kidney because of cancer three years ago. The cancer was a result of my life in sin. My diet was wrong”, confess Hanvold.

Source: Norwegian secular Daily “Dagbladet”

My comment:

I know that Hanvold do not agree with all men like Thurman Scrivner preach. Like Scrivner’s demonic doctrine that people do not need any other doctor than Jesus. Such preachers says between the lines that their “Jesus” never uses doctors, but only Faith Healers.

But why at all let men like Scrivner come on the air?

To say that sickness is a result of sin, is of course not false. If you do not take care of your health, you will most likely fall sick very soon.

But to say that all sickness is a result of sin, is false teaching. Because all men have to live in a polluted World, and might fall sick regardless of how strong faith they have in Jesus.

– Do Jesus heal the flesh of all people who comes to him in faith?

Yes He surely can, but He does the healing in His time and His ways. And He heals regardless of the amount of anointing oil, confession and prayer we might offer Him. Jesus did not remove the cancer in Hanvold’s kidney. He is a good example that the teaching of Scrivner is false. Praise Jesus who used a doctor to heal Hanvold, by removing a diseased kidney.

Why did God not remove Hanvold’s cancer?

According to the gospel of Scrivner, Hanvold must have failed to confessed all the sins in his life. If this is not the case, than “Scrivner’s god” is a failure. And his religion is false.

Hanvold did the right thing. He was not sure it was the will of Jesus to skip the hospital. Trusting men like Scrivner, Hanvold might not have been with us on Earth today.

By the preaching of Scrivner, we are back into a wicked false Gospel of works. False Word of Faith teachers preach that if we do confess enough, pray enough, or use enough anointing oil, God’s healing of our flesh is supposed to be an automatic surety.

Such a false “healing of the flesh gospel”, is a contradiction of the true salvation gospel of Jesus of The Bible. He came to save our souls, with everlasting life in Heaven as the only valid perspective.

As Paul explains:

Romans 4:8.

If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.

Philippians 1:21

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

Faith Healers do not believe in this message. For them its obvious that Christians who die of sickness in earlier days must have misunderstood the gospel of fame, prosperity and perfect health.

And God can only be moved by men with perfect faith, who pray correctly, the prayers that men like Scrivner prays. Only they seems to be able to summon God to heal on command.  And if there is a failure, there is nothing wrong with the preacher or the message. The default always lies with the receiver, who will live in bondage, and might die doubting the power of the cross.

Do Jesus want his children to be sick?

Is He incapable of healing us from all kind of sicknesses?

Absolutely not.

But sometimes Jesus knows better than Scrivner and Hanvold what is better for sick TV-viewers. Sometimes He calls people home from this sick and corrupt World, to a far better place to be.

For in Jesus we have received the purpose of out faith, the salvation of our souls. Our citizenship is in Heaven.

25 thoughts on “Christian TV-anchor in Norway had to remove cancer and kidney

  1. “But to say that all sickness is a result of sin, is false teaching.”

    I agree that is false teaching, and there are so many liars out there in the end days, twisting God’s word, or inserting their own words, for their purpose.

    My son who is very young, underwent some tests for his kidneys in July. When they told me that he might have problems with his kidneys, they sent me to a specialist. I put my son’s life in the hands of Jesus Christ. And I prayed like never before. The specialist told me just last month, there seems to be nothing wrong with my son, and they should take one more test to be sure, but that he is fine.

    I thank Jesus Christ for that completely. Christ has never failed me, and has always been there for me. If people started believing completely in him, then when they do get sick, they too can have faith, putting themselves in the hands of God.

    This is not to say, never go to a doctor. My kids, and myself all go several times a year, but by putting your faith in the Creator Jesus Christ, then all will come out better than ever in the end.

    1. Dear Gloria.


      Thanks for giving us a message of the healing power of Jesus. All Christians believe is this. I share your joy, that our Messiah has healed the kidney of your son. He has also healed me of all sicknesses so fare in my life. I still haven certain issues in my decaying old flesh. But I am not worried. My soul is eternal, and shall one day leave the flesh, and depart for Heaven. All thanks to Jesus, my Master and best friends.

      1. Amen Ivar 🙂

        I myself have had asthma all my life, and sometimes it’s bad. I’ve been hospitalized twice with that and pneumonia.

        My mom is suffering from renal failure and slight dementia. But I have great faith in the Lord, and I know he is coming soon.

        James 5:15 And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.

  2. I admit Thurman’s teaching is different that what I’ve heard in church but a man that hasn’t been sick in 25 years must have a hold on something that 90% of people don’t. Also the teaching that “God calls people home” is not scriptural. The only person God “took” was Enoch and he didn’t die. The scriptures clearly state that the thief come to steal, KILL, and destroy. So if God is causing people to die to take them home, then He would have to be the thief. Thank God He’s not. He came to give us LIFE and that more abundantly.

    1. Dear Phillip

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      If Thurman has not been sick in 25 years, than Jesus has never healed him. I have multiple times fallen sick over the past 25 years, and Jesus has healed me from all kind of sicknesses up to this day.

      That Jesus do not call people home, is not the truth. John the Baptist was taken home to Heaven headless. Stephen was stoned, and all the apostles and gospel writers was taken home to Jesus by death as martyr’s. Non of them enjoyed the false gospel of “health and wealth”.

      1. Sinners beheaded John. Sinners stoned Stephen. Jesus did not cause this, the ruler of the world, the father of lies and sin created this on earth. John and Stephen have eternal life.

      2. Ivar,
        The cases you site are in fact evidence for the fact that God did not “Take” them. They were killed by evil men who did the bidding of satan. Correction: John died of old age on the Isle of Patmos, not martyred. There are many things we humans do not understand but just because others have deeper understanding does NOT make them “false teachers” but rather makes the rest of us in error.

    2. Phillip,

      My husband does not serve Christ. He knows about Christ, but does not serve him yet. I have faith in Christ that my husband will come to serve him. My husband has not been ill in a very long time. I’ve been with him 12 years and he’s been ill maybe twice. I don’t believe one would have something to do with the other, UNLESS you are serving Christ.

      For as you know, nothing is impossible in Jesus.

  3. I have been to Thurmans’ healing school held the second Saturday of each month in Justin, Tx. I have had chronic fatigue for over ten years and have seen many doctors and spent thousands of dollars to no avail. Since sitting under his teachings and having him lay hands on me and pray over me, my chronic fatigue is lessening.
    The book of Luke refers to healings and demons over 60 times. If God doesn’t heal by casting out demons why is it mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible. I have heard the voice of God, (March 20, 1973, 1:45 a.m. God spoke to me in an audible voice), and I have seen a demon. Both are real!!

    I have spent many hours listening to Thurmans free CDs and DVDs
    and he is a true man of God that God has given him the “gift of healing” Don’t critize the man until you’ve studied his teachings, they are straight from the Bible. He is a God send!!

    1. Dear Frank.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I rejoice with all who have been healed. Either they are Christians, Hindus, Muslims or Buddhists.

      Healing is for all human beings, a gift from God. We have been given a body that heals it self in 96 per cent of all examples of sickness. We are often healed from sickness, even without knowing we have been sick.

      I hope and pray that you will remain healed. If not, please do not give up your faith. While healed Hindus and Buddhists face eternity in Hell, Christians who have cut one of their arms off because of sins, will make it to the Kingdom of Heaven. As long as they do not curse sick people, and receive a false “Jesus”.

      Jesus the Messiah wants us to keep an eternal perspective. Only by His blood we can be healed from the stains of sin. Only by faith In Him, we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

  4. I think Thurman takes scripture and interprets it to suit the teaching. Much of what is said makes sense however it is not so legalistic and unforgiving. If we were capable of living a sinless life then why did we need Jesus. We all fall short the bible says. I believe we need to strive for righteous living but God is not there waiting you to slip up so he can plague you with sickness and disease. What would our kids have to do for us to plague them to hell? There is more grace and love from God available to those who seek him.. What about the unknown sin, because we cant figure it out we die? Sins from ancestors we don’t know can cause us to live a life of disease.. It does not describe a God that would allow his own son to die for us sinners.

  5. i want to say as well that my wife was healed of asthma after Thurman prayed for her. I have seen multiple times the whole idea of sickness/sin relation proven in my own life after I heard this teaching. I have chosen to disobey God on occasion, knew it was wrong, and then faced the consequences. He has afflicted my own children literally within hours of me committing sin I KNEW was going to bring chastisement. I would repent and then the Lord would be faithful to His word and heal me and them. It is always God’s will for His obedient children to be healed. I would say a majority are not healed because of lack of faith and or sin in the person’s life.

    1. Dear Jason.


      I am blessed to know your wife is healed by Jesus. I am also blessed that you have confessed your sins, and repented.

      Sickness might very well be caused by personal sins. But not always. There are sins that are beyond your control. Like the pollution of your local environment. There are also cultural and national sins that leads to death. Like the explosion of hundreds of nuclear bombs in the atmosphere in the 1940-ties and 1950-ties. Another grave sin by nations is to demonize or delegitimize the state of Israel.

      Many pastors mint money from sick people. They reduce the matter of sickness and sin, to your personal life. They take your money, and will never return them. You will most likely fall sick again, and surely pass away from some kind of sickness. Only when we are home in Heaven we will face a kingdom free from sin and sicknesses. Amen.

  6. can someone explain how his granddaughter healed watch youtube thurman scrivner on Sid Roth afterwards your opinon how and who healed her and the other young girl.

    1. Dear JR.


      You asked:

      an someone explain how his granddaughter healed watch youtube thurman scrivner on Sid Roth afterwards your opinon how and who healed her and the other young girl.

      My reply:

      What a wonderful creator, who heal His creation. Including Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and those who listen to false teachers. Being healed is a part of the love of Jesus, expressed to all mankind. Being healed is not a guarantee of correct teaching being told, neither that the healed person will be or is saved.

      Praise Jesus. My Lord, savior and healer.

      1. But Mark 16:17-18 says healing is a sign of preaching the gospel. The corollary must also be true, that if you preach and their is no healing you are not preaching the gospel with one exception, the people have no faith, then there will be no healing either.

      2. Dear Anton.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You should go right into the mourge of your local hospital, and preach to the dead bodies. If they do not rise, they obeviously have no faith. Only you had faith.

        Next, move a floor up, and preach to all who sits in wheelchairs. If they do not rise, tell them that hell awaits them, since they have no faith.

        If you continue like this, I can tell you for sure. You might be the one who one day sits in a wheel chair, not able to rise. And who have left your faith in a “Lord” who did not respond to your orders.

        Jesus the Messiah will still be the healer. There is not a sickness that He can not heal. But He heals whoever he wants, when He wants. Healing is available for people of all faiths. It is a part of the mercy and grace of the creational order. We have been given a body that in 95 per cent of the occations, is automatically healed.

  7. Carol,Spokane, WA. ON March 17 1983 at 11:30 Jesus christ came into my weary uncertain heart and filled me with His saving grace and the gift of eternal life. Since I’ve picked up my cross to follow Him, Life has been cruel to me. I’ve lost everything including my grown children and step children. I can’t see my grandchildren because my children hate me. All those I’ve tried to help have spit on me. I’ve been in numerouse accidents. I’ve been attacked by demons. I’ve been let down by the church. Yadda, yadda yadda. but I wouldn’t give up one minute of it for what I have gained; to know my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, Yeshua,Messiah. Who cares what happens here? The future is securely mine with My Eternal Father Adoni. Elohim, Abba dadda. Mine! My Jesus(Big Brother) and the Holy spirit forever and ever Amen. Selah! I think Paster Thurman Scirvner is ligitimately living up to the light God has given Him. Are you ? I study the three angels message about the end times in the book of Revelation along with the book of Daniel and the Tora How sweet and deep and at peace I feel about the soon terrible day of the lord which is soon to come upon the whole world. God is calling us all out of Babylon and the traditions of men. There’s only one way to heaven…Jesus only Jesus.

  8. Our own faith in Jesus power to heal has everything to do with receiving healing! Remember in the Book of Mark, when Jesus would heal someone, He invariably would say something like, “Your faith has made you whole”. etc/ Healing is a two way street. Let’s not forget that. Even Jesus couldn’t heal in his own country due to their unbelief. This is why many folk today don’t receive healing…doubt and unbelief on their part. God doesn’t honor unbelief. He expects his people to have FAITH in Him. His own people were destroyed in the wilderness because of unbelief and lack of faith and trust in the Lord.
    It’s true there may be much we don’t understand, but what I do know is the my God is a healer, and I believe just what the bible says about it. “By HIs Stripes, we were healed. Isa 53. Christians need to stop messing around and playing church and build up their faith in God, so they can have faith for healing as well as moving out in the gifts of the spirit. The Lord Jesus doesn’t need any more intellectual Christians holding to an intellectual form of godliness but denying the power of godliness.

      1. Thank you for commenting Christy. It’s true we don’t hear enough teaching on healing these days. I guess I’m just from the old school that happens to believe what the Lord said about it.

  9. His Teachings are very Down to the Scriptures as Far as I know I have never herd a Teaching from Thurman Scrivner, that does not leed you away from the Bible so he Never speaks from his own opinion,everything is
    writing, plus all His Teachings are Free posted paid by His own Ministry, Plus we have learn a lot,and Jesus
    shows up when we pray for others,including our pets,so I know that Thurman Scrivner is Very anointed by GOD
    the Lord him Self said to us do not speak bad about my anointed ones,I always said bring it to the Lord and see
    what the Lord said, Love you all God bless you all,,

  10. My friend starting talking about Thurman Scrivner and his story (from listening to his free tapes)–then months later started talking about her family being cursed because of sins. She then started saying that little children are cursed with birth defects or injuries because of sins of their parents or family. I didn’t feel comfortable with her statements that seemed prejudicial and somewhat evil. If someone tricks you into saying the word–for example–that your family is cursed, then it sets you up for negativity. What you say can become truth. A study of scripture shows that Scrivner is not correctly interpreting scripture–and spreading prejudice, insecurity, and evil.

    I feel that Thurman Scrivner is a false prophet with his talk of cursing and his changing up the scriptures. He speaks of precious little children with down syndrome or birth defects or birth injuries as “cursed” or “demons.” He causes prejudice and hate. These little children (and the adults they become) are like angels on earth–that have come to test our love and acceptance. Any one of them could be Christ in disguise. (And they demonstrate such innocence and unconditional love of others). His focus on curses and misinterpretation of scriptures smells of demonology or some other such evil. Many of his “miraculous” claims cannot be proven-as he misleads people into doubting their self worth and inner peace. That is the “lie” and indication of a demon or false prophet.
    By the way, Scrivner blamed his wife’s death on her being overweight. How wrong! How judgmental!
    When Christ suffered on the cross, he could have stopped the suffering at any time. However, he suffered as humanity sometimes has to suffer to live in this world–and enjoy the joys of life also. Life is not always perfect–as Scrivner would have you believe–but fails to mention that all of life is a miracle. The true healing is of the soul from life’s experience and lessons–and certainly Scrivner will experience that some day.

    As a special education teacher, I can say that little children are not “cursed” or “demons” as Scrivner so recklessly accuses, and many of their parents are examples of unconditional love and acceptance–not to mention–eternal patience. What kind of “man” would condemn a little child–that could very well be Christ on earth?
    Does anyone know what hospital his granddaughter was treated at when she was injured because her cursed mother was overweight? Please let me know.

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