– The cancer was a result of my earlier life in sin.

Jan Hanvold use and defend false Word of Faith preacher Thurman Scrivner.

This is the explanation by Jan Hanvold, the TV-anchor of Vision Norge. As editor of this Christian TV channel  Hanvold has let American Faith healer Thurman Scrivner preach.

Scrivner preach that children are born handicapped because of the sin of the parent’s, and that its possible to live a life without getting sick.

Hanvold is not ready to rebuke Scrivner. Because they have both been educated and anointed in Tulsa Oklahoma, at Oral Roberts “Word of faith” University.

Hanvold tries to defend Scrivner.
“Sin is to miss the target.  When a smoker, get lung cancer, it is a result of sin. It is even written on the cigarette package that is dangerous to smoke. When a drug addict get a disabled child, its because of this sin”, explains Hanvold.

About his own cancer, Hanvold has the following explanation.
“I had to remove the kidney because of cancer three years ago. The cancer was a result of my life in sin. My diet was wrong”, confess Hanvold.

Source: Norwegian secular Daily “Dagbladet”

My comment:

I know that Hanvold do not agree with all men like Thurman Scrivner preach. Like Scrivner’s demonic doctrine that people do not need any other doctor than Jesus. Such preachers says between the lines that their “Jesus” never uses doctors, but only Faith Healers.

But why at all let men like Scrivner come on the air?

To say that sickness is a result of sin, is of course not false. If you do not take care of your health, you will most likely fall sick very soon.

But to say that all sickness is a result of sin, is false teaching. Because all men have to live in a polluted World, and might fall sick regardless of how strong faith they have in Jesus.

– Do Jesus heal the flesh of all people who comes to him in faith?

Yes He surely can, but He does the healing in His time and His ways. And He heals regardless of the amount of anointing oil, confession and prayer we might offer Him. Jesus did not remove the cancer in Hanvold’s kidney. He is a good example that the teaching of Scrivner is false. Praise Jesus who used a doctor to heal Hanvold, by removing a diseased kidney.

Why did God not remove Hanvold’s cancer?

According to the gospel of Scrivner, Hanvold must have failed to confessed all the sins in his life. If this is not the case, than “Scrivner’s god” is a failure. And his religion is false.

Hanvold did the right thing. He was not sure it was the will of Jesus to skip the hospital. Trusting men like Scrivner, Hanvold might not have been with us on Earth today.

By the preaching of Scrivner, we are back into a wicked false Gospel of works. False Word of Faith teachers preach that if we do confess enough, pray enough, or use enough anointing oil, God’s healing of our flesh is supposed to be an automatic surety.

Such a false “healing of the flesh gospel”, is a contradiction of the true salvation gospel of Jesus of The Bible. He came to save our souls, with everlasting life in Heaven as the only valid perspective.

As Paul explains:

Romans 4:8.

If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.

Philippians 1:21

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

Faith Healers do not believe in this message. For them its obvious that Christians who die of sickness in earlier days must have misunderstood the gospel of fame, prosperity and perfect health.

And God can only be moved by men with perfect faith, who pray correctly, the prayers that men like Scrivner prays. Only they seems to be able to summon God to heal on command.  And if there is a failure, there is nothing wrong with the preacher or the message. The default always lies with the receiver, who will live in bondage, and might die doubting the power of the cross.

Do Jesus want his children to be sick?

Is He incapable of healing us from all kind of sicknesses?

Absolutely not.

But sometimes Jesus knows better than Scrivner and Hanvold what is better for sick TV-viewers. Sometimes He calls people home from this sick and corrupt World, to a far better place to be.

For in Jesus we have received the purpose of out faith, the salvation of our souls. Our citizenship is in Heaven.