Holland wants Israel to use Islamic map of “Holy land”

Dutch ad watchdog criticizes Israeli tourism maps.

All Arab maps of the Middle East would have been pleasing to the Nazi-party in Germany.

The Dutch advertising watchdog on Thursday alleged that Israel is publishing misleading information on its tourism website that blurs the borders between Israel and occupied Arab territories.

The Advertising Code Committee stated in a nonbinding ruling that material distributed by the Dutch branch of the Israeli National Tourism Board does not “clearly show where the border lies between what is internationally recognized as Israeli territory and ‘disputed’ areas.”

Pro-Palestinian activists complained that the maps gave the impression that parts of the Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem are in Israel, as well as the Golan Heights captured from Syria.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor rejected the criticism. He said, that concerning the borders of Israel, “the situation is [still] ambiguous.”

Thursday’s ruling by the Advertising Code Committee represents the second recent incident in Israel’s outreach efforts to the Netherlands marred by Dutch reticence over recognizing Israeli control of the West Bank.

In a letter sent out two weeks ago, the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) withdrew its support from an October trip of Israeli mayors to Holland after it learned that settler council heads were among the group’s participants.

The Union of Local Authorities and settler leaders publicly attacked the decision on Sunday. Although the letter never explicitly stated an objection to “settlers,” Israelis told The Jerusalem Post that this was in fact the issue.

With this move, “Holland has not helped peace in the region,” Local Authorities head Shlomo Buhbut said in a letter he sent to the Dutch ambassador to Israel.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The Arab peace partners like Egypt sell maps of the Middle East were there is no Israel.

The Muslim World can not tolerate a Middle East with an Independent Jewish nation, but only Jews living under proper Islamic leadership.

That Egypt do sell map of “Palestine” with no Israel is a brilliant evidence that the so-called “Moderates” within Islam, do agree with their more radical Muslim brethren.

To promote a World without the Jewish state of Israel, that would be pleasing to ‘allah”.

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