The eternal UN Arabian refugee welfare camps

Sixty years after the first Arab-Israeli war “refugee camps” accurately should be defined as a UN-administered, quasi-apartheid, welfare ghetto.

Crocodile tears and laziness has paid off for the so-called "Palestinian" people. Your tax money is paying the bills.

The Balata refugee camp with its 20,000 residents is inside the West Bank city of Nablus – that is, within the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

Most of Balata’s current residents are the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of the original refugees. Thus, a new baby born in Balata today is still designated by the UN as a refugee dislocated by the 1948 Arab-Israeli war and hence entitled to substantial material benefits for life, or at least until the conflict is settled.

In UN schools and cultural clubs financed by American tax dollars, Balata’s children, like the children in similar camps in Gaza and neighboring Arab countries, are nurtured on the myth that someday soon they will return in triumph to their ancestors’ homes.

While awaiting redemption, Balata’s Palestinian residents are prohibited, by the Palestinian Authority, from building homes outside the camp’s official boundaries. They do not vote on municipal issues and receive no PA funding for roads or sanitation.

Source: Sol Stern in Jewish Ideas Daily.

My comment:

Many people on Earth have been refugees. The majority of the people who left Europe 200 years ago had hardly anything in their pockets.

But they all have one thing in common. They started all over again. And they were eventually granted citizenship.

If would have been quite pathetic if there had been “European” refuge camps in Australia today, living on aid from United Nations.

When “aid” is dropped on your doorstep, why at all seek a job?

The “Palestinian refugee problem” is the longest UN sponsorship of people, who will loos their aid the moment they become citizens of any Arab country.

Because that is what they should have been given. After being defeated royally in five wars in a bid to destroy the Jewish nation, they should finally had been able to see the writing on the wall.

Muslim brethren should have taken the burden the UN is carrying today, more than 30 years ago.

Why harass the Jewish people?

Would not Muslims be better off living in proper Muslim nations?

One thought on “The eternal UN Arabian refugee welfare camps

  1. Indeed, the math does not support the claim. A refugee is not born into that status. The whole thing stinks to high heaven! Even the argument for a “palestinian state” makes no sense, as there is no such person. Blinded by the light, is it?

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