25.000 Arab Palestinians builds Jewish settlements

For Arab Palestinians, helping building Jewish settlements mean food on the table.

The unfreeze of construction in Israel means more jobs for Arab Palestinians.

Palestinian officials say some 25,000 Palestinians are employed in settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Authority has told Palestinians to quit their jobs in settlements by the end of the year, but compliance could be patchy due to a lack of alternative employment in the West Bank.

In the West Bank village of Hussan near Bethlehem, Ali, a Palestinian builder, spoke of new work opportunities rather than politics when asked about the expiration of Israel’s construction moratorium.

People who help Jews rebuilding Zion will be blessed. May Jesus appear in their life.

“What difference does it make? We have lived with Israelis and we will have to live together in the future. I’m pleased that I will be able to make a living.”

Source: Reuters.

My comment:

Israel are called to treat aliens and strangers with the deepest respect.

Because of the religion of Islam, the majority of Arab Palestinians are hostile towards Jews and the state of Israel.

Still the Jews bless their enemies.

25.000 jobs for Arabs will feed almost a couple of hundred thousand people.

Just like David Ben Guriion said: Please do not leave Zion, or harm us. But stay put, and help us to rebuild the Jewish homeland.

Two million Arabs, most of them Muslims listened to Ben-Gurion. They are Israeli Arabs, living inside Israel with full Israeli citizenship.

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