Peace price winner support Islamic war on Israel

In 2004, she compared Israel’s nuclear weapons to the Nazi gas chambers in Auschwitz.

Mairead Maquire feels Gaza still needs Hamas to liberate Muslims from Israeli occupation of Arab land.

In 1976, Mairead Maguire received the Nobel Peace Prize. In those days, the surname of this Roman Catholic spinster was Corrigan.

Tuesday morning she arrived from Frankfurt as part of a women’s peace delegation which she was involved in organizing along with five other women Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

Her landing in Tel Aviv was another provocation.

Provoking Israel to anger, but still treated with gentleness by the IDF.

Because last may, Maguire was one of the initiators of a flotilla to Gaza, sailing on the vessel Rachel Corrie, which was taken over by the Israeli navy. She was expelled from Israel, and not allowed to reenter without a special permission.

Why has Israel expelled this Irish Roman Catholic?

"Peace activist" provoking Israel and supporting Hamas.

Her comment that equalized Israel”s nuclear bomb with the Nazi gas chambers was pure antisemitic and evil. Mrs.Maguire has never compared the US or British nuclear bomb with any genocide, or mass slaughter of American or Royal british citizens.

The “peace activist” Mrs.Maguire also visted Gaza and honored another brutal mass murderer, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by almost every nation of the face of the Earth.

The cross around the neck of 1976 Nobel Peace Price winner Mrs. Maquire (left) is not going to save her. Her with co-prize winner Betty Williams.

Another reason why Mrs. Maguire should be deported from any Israeli airfield or sea port, is her comment two years ago that suggested that Israel should be excluded from the United Nation.

That a Catholic “peace activist” wants to single out Israel from the commonwealth of the World, shows that kind of spirits that run her life.

Nations that have committed horrible crimes against humanity is not on the lips of Maguire, in regards to their membership in the UN.

Like Sudan, who has massacred hundreds of thousands of people in Darfur. Or Iran who hangs homosexuals, and have dead penalties for petty crimes done under Sharia laws.


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