“Jews for Justice” set sail for Gaza from Northern Cyprus, occupied by Turkey.

An old postcard from the days of freedom and flourishing tourism in Northern Cyprus.

There is a certain irony in the fact that a boat full of Jews for Justice for Palestinians is setting sail for Gaza from Northern Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus is an illegally occupied territory that belongs to EU-member Cyprus, seized by force in 1974 by the Turkish army. Its legal status as a fictionally independent state is only recognized by Turkey (the occupying power).

Turkey forcibly removed hundreds of thousands of ethnic Greeks from that territory and settled its own population to permanently alter the ethnic balance of the area.


Emanuele Ottolenghi in Commentary

My reply:

It is unwise to throw stones when you sit in a glass house.

The same Turkey who accuses Israel of occupying Arab land, is her self an occupying power of Northern Cyprus.

That “peace loving Jews” set sail from an Islamic occupied zone to challenge the Israeli navy who protect Israel from becoming a similar occupation zone, do expose what a mad world we live in.

Since the liberated free and democratic Southern Cyprus do not allow its harbors to be use for “Islamic promoted media stunts” to harm Israel, a group of misguided Jews had to set sail from the occupied city of Famagusta.