Rick Warren was asked: “Why do the World need faith?” Warren explained the World needs the good works done by the Vatican, other Churches and Mosques all over the Globe.

The World needs more good works by good men, explains Rick Warren. One of these good men of Warren is Obama.

In 2008, Rick Warren was called to the Word Economic Forum in Davos to defend the Christian faith. In a panel of religious leaders, Warren missed another chance to tell that man can only be saved if he has faith in Jesus.

This should be like ABC for a Christian pastor.

But Warren used the opportunity to lead the world astray. The US pastor recognized the good works of the Roman Catholic Church, and even branded the Mosque as a reliable pillar in villages around the World.

If you do not believe me. Just listen to the audio-clip made available below.  The full video of 1 hour and 21 minutes are also available on youtube. I have provided a link down under.

In Davos Rick Warren became a preacher of the gospel of salvation by good works.

Her is a transcript of what Rick Warren said, when questioned by the panel organizer, Tony Blair:

Why do the people of the World need faith?

Rick Warrens first response, was to highlight the Church as a Universal system of distribution.

Warren felt for using the Vatican as a good example.

“30 per cent of the health care on the African continent is done by the Catholic Church. You cant ignore that. You take the Catholic Church out of Africa, you just lost the number one provider of Health care on that continent.  So we (The Church) have universal distribution”.

We have man power. Not to count all our sisters and brother that are Jews and Muslims, and other faiths, Hindus and Buddhists. If I could just get one half of Christianity involved in these major conflicts, that would be a billion people.

Rick Warren also acknowledge the good works done by Islam.

People of faith have local credibility  At the local level, the credibility lies with the Imam, the pastor, the priest and the Rabbi. Why? They care for the sick, they help the people. When the wars come, everybody else leave, the NGO’s pull out, but the Church and the Mosques stays. Why. It is the community.

(end of transcription)

This message from Rick Warren, is a recognition of good works, that will eventually lead billions of people to Hell.

No words of justification by faith alone, in Christ alone, separated from works.

It would have taken hardly 30 second for Warren to explain that the whole World needs Jesus, and that He is the only way to Heaven.

This is the only correct answer to Tony Blair’s question. That Warren later says five words about Jesus being his “personal savior” dose not justify this false gospel of good works.

Just listen to this audio clip from the summit in Davos in 2008.

Rick Waren

This is the link to the full video on Youtube.