Bill Clinton: “Russians in the IDF will never remove Jewish settlers”

The former US President accuses Russian immigrants to Israel to be the greater obstacle to peace.

The Clintons agree that Israel would have been a better place with more Irishmen like Chelsea, and less Russians who support Zionism.

Bill Clinton said this to reporters in New York on Tuesday, according to Foreign Policy magazine.

Clinton expressed his fear that the large numbers of Russian immigrants and settlers serving in the IDF will make it hard for the army to confront the settlers if this should be required.

An increasing number of IDF soldiers are children of Russians and settlers, who are those most strongly opposed to dividing the land, the former president said. He noted this was a serious problem, and that Israel had changed – some 16 per cent of Israelis now speak Russian.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday evening said the remarks attributed to the former US president were ‘distressing.’


My comment:

For a good old Irishman like Bill Clinton, it is good to know that its the Italians who have made a mess out of America.

They are the real troublemakers. While Irish immigrants like the Clinton family did send their daughter to a notable Sunday school, and got her properly settled in a marriage with a Jew,the Italians raise their children to become mafia bosses.

In California it is immigrants from China who is the biggest problem. They are to short to become good US Marines. But as long as they make better food than the Italians, I guess the Irishmen should be able to tolerate such immigration.

The good news is that all the Russians, with Jewish parents or at least a Jewish grand mother, seems to have moved down to Israel. As the Bible tells them to do.

What a nightmare it would have been for Billy boy, if they all were roaming around in Washington.

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  1. Putz isn’t an Irish word, but clinton is putz anyway. That statement doesn’t have any varied meaning no matter what your definition of ‘is’ is.

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