The Temple mount is not ours, neither the Palestinians, explains former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert.

Ehud Olmert feels that Israel is not capable of looking after the old city of Jerusalem.

The former Israeli PM do not think Israel is capable of securing the freedom of religion in Jerusalem.

Speaking in Tel Aviv to a group called the Geneva Initiative, Olmert also said Sunday that he was prepared as prime minister to share Jerusalem’s holy sites with the “Palestinians”.

These sites which include the Western Wall and the Temple Mount.
“It will not be ours nor the Palestinians… (it) will be managed by an international trustee which includes (other) countries,” Olmert said, describing his vision for the area known as the Holy Basin.

“Israel is one of them, the Palestinians are there, the Saudi Arabians, according to my offer, the Jordanians and the Americans. This is a trust fund of five countries.”

This trust is going to ensure the freedom of access to all the holy sites to any Jew, to any Muslim, to any Christian,” he said.

Source: CNN.

My comment:

One World leader who claim to the "The Holy Father" has already visited the Temple Mount.

It is sad that a Jew can utter such words. That the state of Israel is not the best legal body to secure religious freedom in the capital of Israel.

Ehud Olmert is not only a past Prime Minister of Israel, but also a past Mayor of the city of King David.

When Olmert says that the Temple Mount is not “ours”, he exclude him self from the history of the Jewish people.

The Temple Mount is the very site of the two great Jewish Temples.

Its is really said that a man the Jewish people trusted with their votes, has ended his political life in such a state of mind.

Where has this man’s Jewish pried and self esteem disappeared?

From a Messianic Christians perspective, the prophecy of the coming of the lawless one will surly be fulfilled.

The lawless man will rule from the Temple Mount, setting up his Chair, and claim to the “The Holy Father”, God Him self in person.

There are many political world leaders, and religious people, who pave the way for the last anti-Messiah. Unfortunately, Ehud Olmert is one of them.

Read more about how this “special regime” in the Old City of Jerusalem most likely will look like.