US: Failed democracy to be replaced with One World government

The Pope would be a good choice to head the One World Government. Unlike Obama, He has faithful followers in every nation on the face of the Earth.

What you are about to read is a message from the US National Intelligence Council (NIC). Please read the suggestion that will finally bring the very end of freedom and democracy.

This is the main message:

“Multiple and diverse governance frameworks, however flexible, probably are not going to be sufficient to keep pace with the looming number of transnational and global challenges absent extensive institutional reforms and innovations.”

This is a long explanation of what could be said with fewer words:

“Democracy does not solve our problems. We need to have to form a inoative One World Government to keep up”.

This is the idea of all dictators. The very idea of Fascism. Hitler wanted to be this “One World Government” leader. He called this ‘The Third Reich”.

Lets read more what the American Government is suggesting.

” The report, Global Governance 2025—a follow-on to the NIC’s 2008 report, Global Trends 2025—posits that the growing number of issues on the international agenda, and their complexity, is outpacing the ability of international organizations and national governments to address these challenges”.

“The report concludes that three effects of rapid globalization are driving demands for more effective global governance”:


Now we know that we need an effective One World Leader to emerge, to lead us into this “more effective global governace”.

The Bible speaks about a lawless man, that will get the Powers the US Administration are looking for:

Revelation 13:7
He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.

A full copy of the report is available online:

10 thoughts on “US: Failed democracy to be replaced with One World government

  1. Considering the bible says the “Antichrist” arises out of Europe the bible never states where the False prophet will come from.. Could be a link there

      1. The Vactican’s wrong doings are coming to light.

        Will some Catholics finally see that they are putting there trust in mankind, when they should put there trust in who created mankind (Jesus)?

        I hope so.

  2. Yes, this is happening here in the USA and Obama is a major player in this. As he will implement immigration reform we will eventually have the merging of Canada and Mexico to form the North American Union. A month or so ago, the Pope called for world-wide immigration reform. This is code for the merging of borders to end sovereignty and to open up the doors to international law which will supersede sovereign nation-states.

  3. “the bible never states where the False prophet will come from.. Could be a link there”

    You got that right, we have paid little attention to the false prophet (second beast). The false prophet is the “left” which enables the beast (Islam). The Antichrist leads the left. Is it Obama?

  4. It’s obvious there are elements in the upper echelons of power who are serving satan by working to bring about a one-world government under the man of sin. This report is further proof of that. What I’m still on the fence about is wether they are knowingly or unknowingly serving satan. I suppose it doesn’t matter. They will be judged the same. Jesus said we are either with Him or against Him.

  5. Whe you vote for a Sheperd of promise only to find out it is actually a wolf leading wolves of most government and people, forsake anger, there will be no restoration that man seeks to create. The coming of Christ for his church is at any moment, They know that!. One world Government will happen. If Jesus Christ is in your heart, Propheticly you see what the Holy Bible says is truth, in my mind fact..Seek,pray, for Jesus to enter the hearts of people only {you} can reach and be trusted to tell truth. Truly, the only Sheperd you can trust is Jesus, And he is not coming back as the “Lamb of God”, but with a wrath of anger and vengence to all who chose not to beleive, and it will be as never seen and never will be again. This warning at all costs should not be ignored.

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