Court ruling comes in response to appeal from Palestinian public prosecutor. ‬‬

Dr. Tayseer Rajab Al-Tamimi heads a court that administer laws similar to the laws in Nazi-Germany in regards to Jews. Ramallah is the seat of a Nazi-tribunal.

An Arab Palestinian court has ruled that anyone selling land to Israelis will automatically face the death penalty. The court is under supervision by Dr. Tayseer Rajab Al-Tamimi, the Chief of Judges and the Chairman of High Council of Islamic Law for Palestine.

Current law says courts can choose life in prison or death.

In practice, PA President Abbas has not approved executions since coming to power in 2004‬‬. The ruling came in response to an appeal from Palestinian public prosecutor Ahmed al-Mughani.

Al-Mughani told the AP on Monday that the law isn’t tough enough. In practice, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has not approved executions since coming to power in 2004.

The handshake of death. The Pope wants Sheikh Taysir al-Tamimi to liberate "Palestine" for the good of the World.

In the past there have been vigilante killings of Palestinians suspected of selling land.

Land sales are deeply sensitive among Palestinians. Many Palestinians sold land to Jews in the beginning of Zionist immigration in the late 1800s.

Some continue to sell their properties to Jewish settlers.


My comment:

Every German should  find it offensive if Muslims were banned from buying land in Germany. It would be an act for racism.

To put a German for trial for selling a property to a Muslim, would go against the very principles of justice.

To issue a death penalty to this German, would not only be an act of totalitarianism and evil. It will be extreme wickedness, and a cruelty beyond any human reasoning.

There were only one regime in our modern times, that was ruled by such principles. The head of this state was Adolf Hitler. His faithful followers went on a rampage against the Jews in the World. He did not only rob them for their belongings and European properties. The Nazis crippled or killed them. Six million Jews were slaughtered.

Also the Arab Palestinians search for the “final solution” to the Jewish problem. If they could use gas in an attack on Israel today, they would have used it, and shouted “allah is great”.

Equally guilty of this modern day of Nazism, is the EU, the United States and all who support this evil. Please open your eyes. Bless and support the Jewish people, and the state of Israel.