Arab Palestinians admit peace talks are a sham

The Arab world has been told the current negotiations are just part of a larger plan to delegitimize Israel.

This Jewish boy might wounder: How can the World belive that an American President who bows down to the king of Saudi Arabia bring peace to Israel?

The Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas puts on a show of playing nice with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He has done so for the sake of the Obama Administration. This has been confirmed by the Palestinian ambassador to Lebanon this month, when he assured the Arab world that the current negotiations are just part of a larger plan to delegitimize Israel.

The Palestinian daily newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida reported that on September 9, Ambassador Abdullah Abdullah insisted that “the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations…are not a goal, but rather another stage in the Palestinian struggle… to isolate Israel, to tighten the noose on it, to threaten its legitimacy, and to present it as a rebellious, racist state.”

So much for genuine talks leading to lasting peaceful coexistence.

Like Abbas, Abdullah is sticking to Yasser Arafat’s conclusion decades ago that Israel cannot be defeated in one knock-out blow, but must be slowly whittled away at.

Of course, Abdullah’s remarks were not reported by the mainstream media, because they were spoken and reported on in Arabic. It seems Arabic is the language that simply doesn’t matter. You can say anything, reveal any nefarious plot, and everyone will simply brush it off because you said so in Arabic.

But, can anyone imagine an Israeli ambassador, speaking in either English or Hebrew, saying that Israel was only in the current negotiations to reveal the Palestinian Authority as liars with the ultimate goal of delegitimizing the “Palestinian cause” into oblivion?

[Translation of the Al-Hayat Al-Jadida story was provided by Palestinian Media Watch]

Source: Israel Today,

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