12 Arab rockets of “peace” fired on Israel from Gaza

At least 12 projectiles fired at Gaza-belt communities in 24 hour period. The missiles is a proof that Hillary Clinton is a clown.

Flower power. Israeli President Shimon Peres supports Hillary Clintons "peace talks".

The US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton was in Jerusalem today. There she acknowledge that Israel has an Arabic “peace partner”, and that that partner is trustworthy.

The problem is that Mrs. Clinton seems to live on a different Planet than the rest of us. Or she simply is blind to the blessings that seems to rain down on Southern Israel.

During the last 254 hours, a stream of mortar and rocket fire from the Gaza Strip continued to rain down on on the Jewish people. This is an apparent Hamas attempt to fulfill threats of violence meant to derail Israeli-Palestinian “peace talks”.

Who is Hillary Clinton think she is fooling?

Obviously the man that dances to her tune. His name is Mahmoud Abbas. He gets his salary from Washington and London.  And as long as there is butter in the envelopes, he do not mind being a powerless puppet of the Obama administration.

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