Pope express shock over “priestly perversion” in his own Church

“It is hard to understand” how someone can “fall into this perversion”

The present head of the Vatican and the head of the Church of England met today for the first time.

The Pope has for the first time ever labeled sexual abuse of Catholic Children as a perversion. According to the Catholic News Agency (CNA), this is what the Pope said in his first speech on British soil, in the city Edinburgh.

“First of all,” said the Pope, “I must say that these revelations were a shock for me, they are a great sadness. It’s difficult to understand how these perversions of the priestly ministry were possible.”

He said that it is “hard to understand” how someone can “fall into this perversion” after years of priestly preparation and despite having agreed to be Christ’s “voice, His mouth, His hand” at his ordination.

It is, he repeated, a “great sadness.”

Source: CNA

My comment:

This Papal excuse of the existing perversion inside the Roman Catholic Priesthood can not be accepted.

Because the error lies with the Papacy it self.

The Pope is supposed to be infallible in questions of moral and understanding of the scripture. Still he has banned Catholic priests from marrying.

And since the Pope admits that there are perverts ordained by Catholic Bishops, it is time to stop calling these Bishops for “holy fathers”. This label on priest and bishops is another perversion of the gospel.

The Roman Catholic doctrine of the infallible Pope is also pure non sense. Maybe we are approaching a season where the “Holy Roman Catholic Church” has to admit that the Pope him self, has betrayed Catholic children, their Messiah, and His teachings?

Irish Presbyterian Moderator refuses to shake the Pope’s hand

The leader of the largest Protestant church in Northern Ireland has refused to shake the Pope’s hand.

Ian Hamilton is not comfortable shaking the hands of a man many protestant feel is an antichrist.

The Presbyterian Moderator, Dr Norman Hamilton, plans to go to a service in Westminster on Friday, attended by the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

But Dr Hamilton said he turned down the opportunity to be presented to the Pope after the service because of “troubling issues” which needed to be addressed.

He insisted his decision was not a snub to Catholics or Pope Benedict XVI.

He said he had changed his plans in order to accept an invitation to attend Friday’s ceremony because he wanted to show “proper respect to the Roman Catholic people of Ireland and their leader”.

However, the moderator said he had declined the opportunity to be presented to the Pope or to shake his hand after the service because there were a number of issues which needed “substantive discussion back in Ireland”.

“There appear to be troubling differences between us on how we deal with the past,” he said.

“Colleagues of mine are picking up pastoral issues within the Catholic Church, where Catholic families are coming to them asking for pastoral help, sometimes in the most difficult of circumstances, because they do not want Catholic clergy to deal with them in light of the abuse scandals.”

He added he hoped people would understand that he was in “difficult circumstances, where there were all sorts of conflicting pressures”.

Dr Hamilton was elected as the moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland in March.

The 63-year-old became a significant public figure as a result of his mediation work in the Holy Cross dispute in north Belfast in 2001.

Source: The BBC.

My comment:

The Protestant Church of Norther Ireland is the Church in Europe that know what Roman Catholics are capable of doing. Roman Catholics created and supported the IRA.

In 1988 Ian Paisley told the late pope who he is. Today few leaders have the same guts.

Ian Paisley is the founding member and past moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster.

In 1988, when Pope John Paul II delivered a speech to the European Parliament, Paisley shouted “I Denounce you as the antichrist!” and held up a red poster reading “Pope John Paul II ANTICHRIST” in black letters. John Paul continued with his address after Paisley was ejected from the hemicycle by fellow MEPs.

12 Arab rockets of “peace” fired on Israel from Gaza

At least 12 projectiles fired at Gaza-belt communities in 24 hour period. The missiles is a proof that Hillary Clinton is a clown.

Flower power. Israeli President Shimon Peres supports Hillary Clintons "peace talks".

The US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton was in Jerusalem today. There she acknowledge that Israel has an Arabic “peace partner”, and that that partner is trustworthy.

The problem is that Mrs. Clinton seems to live on a different Planet than the rest of us. Or she simply is blind to the blessings that seems to rain down on Southern Israel.

During the last 254 hours, a stream of mortar and rocket fire from the Gaza Strip continued to rain down on on the Jewish people. This is an apparent Hamas attempt to fulfill threats of violence meant to derail Israeli-Palestinian “peace talks”.

Who is Hillary Clinton think she is fooling?

Obviously the man that dances to her tune. His name is Mahmoud Abbas. He gets his salary from Washington and London.  And as long as there is butter in the envelopes, he do not mind being a powerless puppet of the Obama administration.

Benny Hinn: “The Holy Spirit is separated from God the Father”

“No one came to Jesus and said He had saved them. It was the Holy Spirit who started to save people”.

The Spirit who anointed Benny Hinn is separated from God the Father. And it gives you electric shocks that can flung you across the room.

Benny Hinn was this morning back on God TV. Within 10 minutes Hinn had presented another gospel, previously unknown to man.  And the anchors Rorry and Wendy acknowledge and supported the message.

The most amazing part of this new gospel of Benny Hinn, is new radical teaching about the Holy Spirit. According to the gospel of Benny, the Holy Spirit is now facing a separation from God the Father.

Hinn just taught the TV audience that The Holy Spirit was sent to Earth, and is now saving souls, as a separated part of the tribune God.

Hinn has also got a fresh revelation that no one approached the Son of God, and claimed to be saved by Him. Only after the Holy spirit came on the day of Pentecost, people got saved. Jesus could not save anybody, before the Holy Ghost came to Earth.

Source: God.tv.

My comment:

Benny Hinn is back where He started to spread his heretic gospel. He just copied his bestseller “Good Morning Holy Spirit”.

The problem with this book, is that Hinn had to be confronted with multiple errors. After He was confronted, Hinn gave a statement of repentance. Today this seems to be more of a a political stunt, and not a conviction in his heart that He had become a false teacher.

The Bible tells us about false “super Apostles”, whom I guess must have amazed even Paul with “super revelations'” their claim is from God.

The “Jesus” presented in “the gospel of Benny” is a gnostic Messiah copy, a fiction. This form of gnosticism presented by god.tv might even have been unknown to the Apostles.

What is the correct teaching about the Holy Ghost?

God the Father, Son and Spirit is One God. Always in agreement. Thousands of people was saved by Jesus during His ministry on Earth. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of Jesus in our Heart.  The Holy Spirit within us, is the fulfillment of the promise the Messiah gave us about a “helper” that would come in His place.

God the Father has always raised the dead, and given His chosen people life. Before Jesus came in flesh, the blood offered in the Temple was used as atonement for the forgiveness of sins. The Son replaced the blood in the Temple. He did not replace God the Father. Since the Temple blood is gone, the Father has trusted the blood of the Son to exclusively be used as THE atonement for sins.

Benny Hinn at God.tv today.

John 5:21
For just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, even so the Son gives life to whom he is pleased to give it.

The Holy Spirit is not a “separated god”. He is the very manifestation of both the Father and the Son in our Hearts.

John 14:23
Jesus replied, “If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.

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