60 billion US dollars is still a lot of money. That is the blessings from the King of Saudi Arabia to the US weapons industry.

Some billions here, and some aircrafts there. The US and the Islamic totalitarian Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seems to be the best of friends.

The Obama administration is set to notify Congress of plans to offer advanced aircraft to Saudi Arabia worth up to $60 billion, and is in talks with the kingdom about potential naval and missile-defense upgrades that could be worth tens of billions of dollars more.

The administration will authorize the Saudis to buy as many as 84 new F-15 fighters, upgrade 70 more, and purchase three types of helicopters – 70 Apaches, 72 Black Hawks

Source: Wall Street Journal

My comment:

Just south of the Israeli city of Eilat, you find the northern part of Saudi Arabia.

When the Saudi purchase new aircraft, I guess the Pentagon will say that the Islamic Kingdom will never use them against Israel. The Saudis needs to protect them selves against the threat from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

But Iran has not threatened Saudi Arabia with war and destruction. Iran constantly gives threat to the annihilation or destruction of the state of Israel. And the rest of the Islamic world might one day unite and follow suit.

For the US, its is vital that the oil export from Saudi Arabia continues. And since the US has paid true its teeth’s for oil in the last decade, it is a nice gesture from the Saudis to return some of the cash.