Five million in Spain support destruction of Israel

One in nine Spaniards supports the statement that “Israel should disappear because it was established on Arab land.”

Islam carry on the legacy of Nazi-Germany. They dream about a World free of the Jewish state of Israel.

This is a finding in a new poll released by the Spanish government on the eve of Rosh Hashanah in Madrid

The poll shows that one in three Spaniards is anti-Semitic, maintaining negative opinions about Jews. Another 46 percent had favorable views of Jews.

One in nine Spaniards, the survey found, supports the statement that “Israel should disappear because it was established on Arab land.” Another 77 percent disagree with the statement. The results of the study indicate that the major cause of the rise in anti-Semitic feelings is Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians in the territories.

Spaniard general Franco and Adolf Hitler shared common values in regards to Jews. They were lower beings.

At an event at which the new findings were released, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos said the poll showed Spanish society is not anti-Semitic or anti-Israel.

The new poll, in which about 1,000 Spanish residents were questioned by phone, was conducted by the Madrid-based Casa Sefarad-Israel (Spain-Israel House ), which is affiliated with the Spanish Foreign Ministry and promotes ties between Spain and Israel and world Jewry.

The survey was conducted in April, before the Israel Navy’s confrontation at the end of May with the Gaza-bound flotilla.

Some 40,000 Jews currently live in the county of 40 million.About 1.5 million Muslims live in Spain. .

Source: Israeli newspaper Hareetz.

My comment:

That 12 per cent of the people support the idea of a World without a Jewish state, is similar in strength to German support of the Nazi-party in the middle of the 1920-ties.

It took more than 10 years for the Nazi-party to move ahead and become the biggest political party in the Weimar republic.

The culprit that makes today’s Spaniards go back to their own roots of Fascism, is the Roman Catholic Church. This Church brand Islam as a religion of peace, and encourage the Latino masses to make the state of Israel the real enemy.

No doubt that Catholic Spain have 1,5 million Muslims. But the rest 38,5 million was a part of a Fascistic dictatorship up to the year 1975.  For Spain today, it is one step forward, and two steps back.

5 thoughts on “Five million in Spain support destruction of Israel

    1. Dear Lars-Toralf


      Thanks for reminding me that Spain was under Islamic occupation for 400 years. From 711 A.D onwards. So from the fire to the frying pan. Pope or Mecca. They seems to be in perfect agreement that Jews having an independent statehood are the problem. In fact, to delete this state will bring world peace.

      The last Islamic Kingdom in Andalucia in Spain was not defeated before 1492 A.D.

  1. Even worse, Ivar. The Antisemitic legislation that drove Jews out of Spain in 1492, was still valid in 1992, 500 years later, and these laws had to abrogated so that the first “peace conference” between Jews and Arabs could take place in Madrid i 1992.

  2. 1 in 3 with a bad view of jews and or israel is a norm and relative.In spain almost 48% are against arabs and 32% think blacks from anywere are negative.And forget about the gypsies!Spanish people hate the french too.This statistic is relevant only compared to other stats like What do you think about blacks or french or others? we shouldnt expect 100% love from anyone towards anyone.i think getting a good opinion from 69% of spain is good news.not bad news.25 years ago no jew was well received in spain,today the top store el corte ingles is jewish owned and loved by all. fernando shwartz the newsman had his own show,well rated.The sports teams like real murcia is partly jewish owned.Tv shows like hannah montana are seen by many here and shes from a jewish family.Theres antisemitism here and it must stop but theres antisemitism everywhere,even in california.Jews will live wherever they want and deal with it.

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