US Army burnt Bibles in Afghanistan in May 2009

This video is from May 2009. That the US Army bunt Bibles in Afghanistan went on almost un noticed. How come there was no riots in Washington?

Why do Muslims feel they should be free to build a Mosque next to Ground Zero, while American Christians are not free to build Churches in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan?

The Bible says that just before the Messiah Jesus returns, wrong will be presented and right, and very few people will do the will of God of the Bible.

We are there now. A global onslaught on the truth.

3 thoughts on “US Army burnt Bibles in Afghanistan in May 2009

  1. how sad! It is a shame that this was not made a bigger deal. I don’t think that having a burning koran party is an appropriate way to share the love of Christ but it is outrageous that is is okay for our government to destory bibles!

  2. So I guess what you are saying is that you want to be just like Saudi Arabia in that we won’t tolerate anyone accept those of our own religion. I suggest you found your own country. America is founded on FREEDOM, not intolerance

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