Catholic Bishops seeks protection by Islamic king of Jordan

Catholic Bishops asks King Hussein of Jordan to protect Jerusalem and secure the holy sites of their faith.

The Pope visited Jordan in May 2009, to ask a Muslim King to join him in the fight against Zionism.

His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday met with a delegation comprising Islamic and Christian figures, chairmen of charity societies, economists and academicians from the Holy City of Jerusalem.

During the meeting, His Majesty stressed that Jordan will continue to exert all possible efforts to protect the holy sites in Jerusalem and help the people of the city realize their rights and safeguard their interests.

Catholic Bishops and Imams visits King Abdullah to seek his protection.

In addition, the King indicated that projects to preserve the holy sites in Jerusalem will continue and grow in quality and quantity.

He stressed the importance of maintaining coordination among all parties to protect the Holy City, pointing to the coordination and cooperation between Jordan and the Palestinian National Authority in this regard.

His Majesty said that “Jordan puts all it potential at the disposal of the Palestinians to address all the challenges that face the Holy City.”

Also, the Monarch reiterated the Kingdom’s continuing support to help “the brotherly Palestinians regain their legitimate rights, especially their right to establish their independent state on Palestinian national soil with East Jerusalem as its capital”.

The King also said that Jerusalem is considered a red line for all Jordanians, pointing out that all legal and political options are open to protect Jerusalem and stand up in the face of unilateral measures taken by Israel to change the identity of the revered city by emptying it from Muslim and Christian inhabitants.

In addition, the Monarch discussed with the delegation the practical measures that should be taken to upgrade the living conditions of the inhabitants of Jerusalem and to keep their existence and identity in the holy city.

For their parts, the delegates expressed their appreciation for His Majesty’s support directed towards keeping Jerusalem’s holy sites and its people, warning against the Israeli measures to transfer Christians from the Holy City.

Head of the Islamic Waqf Council in Jerusalem Sheikh Abed Al Azim Salhab expressed his appreciation for the King’s initiatives to defend and protect Al Aqsa Mosque, highlighting “Al Imaar Al Hashemi”, the construction and renovation projects constantly carried out in Jerusalem by the Hashmite leaders of Jordan, and the level of coordination between the technical teams of Jerusalem Construction Committee and the Ministry of Awqaf.

Under the 1994 peace treaty with Jerusalem, Jordan keeps the right to look after the holy shrines in the old city.

Salhab also gave a briefing on the Israeli attempts to hinder the work of the ministry of awqaf in Jerusalem as well as the Israeli excavations that threaten Al Aqsa Mosque.

President of Faisal Al Husseini Foundation, Abdulqader Faisal Al Husseini, highlighted the King’s directives to protect the holy sites in Jerusalem, especially Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, indicating that Jerusalem, because of the Israeli measures, is now divided and off-limits to many.

He also expressed his appreciation for the King’s statements about the importance of working as one team as the Jordanians and Palestinians “share common concerns”.

Munib Younan, bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and Palestine, indicated that the Arab Christians play a vital role in preserving the Arab identity of Jerusalem, calling for projects to support educational institutions in Jerusalem.

He also stressed the importance of maintaining the national bond between Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem.

Source: Jordan Times.

My comment:

The Catholic Bishops union with Muslim King Abdullah of Jordan is a true proof of their spiritual union, based up on their faith in One God and the coming One World Religion.

Their common enemies are the Zionist Jews and evangelical Christians.

We know the dictatorship and human rights abuses in the Kingdom of Jordan. When we see Catholic Bishops seeking protection from an Muslim King, it is nothing but pathetic. Jordan occupied East Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967. During these years the Islamic forces blew up and destroyed all the synagogues in East Jerusalem, and denied Jews access to their holy cites.

King Abdullah’s promise of “religious freedom” does not include those who believe in Biblical Christianity or Judaism.

Even today, the Arab Palestinians say that “no Jewish presence” will be allowed inside the “Palestinian state”. The same Nazi-inspired regime is planned put back in East Jerusalem.  And the wicked Catholics seem to agree.  Shame on them all.

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